Guidelines for Maintaining Good Communication with Your Customers

Guidelines for Maintaining Good Communication with Your Customers

Maintaining a high degree of kindness and courtesy has always been a constant factor in improving customer relationships. However, with the advent of technology, both customer expectations and the need for businesses to step up their efforts to match these expectations amidst this atmosphere of ultra-competitiveness have grown. Hence, ensuring a free-flowing communication process with customers has become a separate field of focus for all businesses alike. Good communication is at the heart of human contact, and it can be fundamental to the success of a business.

With communication becoming increasingly phone based, here are some tips on how adapting to this current phenomenon can be made easy for businesses.

Build a Customer Portal

Over-dependence on contact midpoints based on CTI (Computer-Telephony Integration) does not produce healthy customer reviews and an increased rate of goodwill for any business, particularly during the decisive growth phase. On the other hand, if a business wishes to keep its expenses down, it might not be able to adequately increase its telephone-based customer care arrangement. This hitch may leave the business dealing with discontented customers or worse — the prospect of losing them altogether.

In this day and age, the best way of ensuring good communication and showcasing a business’ customer-centric policy is to build a customer portal. Building a customer portal that seamlessly complements a business contact centre can help a business with:

  • Cutting labour expenses: No need to hire a team of contact centre workers, as every step can be automated via the customer portal. Not only does this reduce costs, it makes the workforce more concise and easier to manage.
  • Making consumers independent: Gone are the days when good communication for an organization was characterized only by swift replies and continuous delivery of quality support. Customers nowadays prefer having direct access to freely discuss problems, acting self-sufficiently among themselves when dealing with minute issues.

Businesses scared of adapting to new and innovative means like this should look at the success achieved by numerous service industry companies that adhered to this technological shift using Joblogic’s Customer Portal feature. Designed specifically to assist service and maintenance companies, the software looks to bring real-time reporting to their clients’ customers. It shows customers the key metrics they might be concerned with via an interactive and highly informative dashboard and reporting mechanism.


The software also allows for constant real-time status updates. Eliminating the tiresome calling-and-conversing process altogether, this feature lets customers see icons next to each of their ordered jobs, signalling when an engineer is on the way to the prescribed location, on-site or when the job is complete. In addition to that, the software provides access to quotes and invoices — a feature that enables any customer to add their order number, additional feedback and upload documents like their purchase order.

This software certainly has raised the bar when it comes to good communication between businesses and their clients. All-encompassing customer portal software like this is not the future of effective customer-client communication. It is the present.

Keep Customers Updated

Many service management companies process a high volume of low-cost tasks and jobs. Needless to say, keeping every customer constantly updated about every little detail can be a tedious task. To ensure customer satisfaction and maintain standards of good communication, it is vital for these businesses to devise a cost-efficient method of constantly updating these customers on the status of their orders.

Joblogic’s Job Tracking Software is a brilliant example of customer communication made easy due to engineers and other service providers being able to freely update their managers on the status of their tasks. The managers can in-turn inform the customers accordingly. The software enables several individuals to log in and view job statuses at the same time. Right from a job’s creation to its completion, the job tracking software has demonstrated how good communication and constant updates can increase customer satisfaction.

Keeping customers and management equally up to date also increases productivity for workers. Along with quick job-logging and including job searches and editing mechanisms, the reporting feature focuses on the much-neglected side of the spectrum that is vital to maintaining healthy customer relations: the workers. If a business’ management team can please its workers by adopting an easy method to initiate communication, the whole process becomes a lot smoother.

Make Customer Service Calls Top Priority

Make Customer Service Calls Top Priority

Customer service calls are the foundation of good communication between a customer and business, so if a business fails to make these calls a priority, it can hurt significantly. A new survey discovered that 78% of customers bail out of a transaction or go back on their original intention of making a purchase because of a bad customer service call. Simply put, when the flow of communication falters over the phone, customers take it personally and become intent on ending their engagement.

Use Efficient Customer Reporting

Most businesses that provide a large range of services tend to have a varied customer base. With each and every customer having their distinct reporting needs, ensuring good communication can become a complex task that — even with lots of effort — may not pay off since a slight mistake can prove very costly.

Teaming up with a technologically advanced company like Joblogic, which offers a variety of easy and innovative techniques for reporting to customers, is highly advisable for any business. Joblogic’s cost-efficient method incorporates the use of emailed PDFs, detailed spreadsheet analyses or real-time access to an OCP (Online Client/Customer Portal). Whether it’s by conducting complex KPI analysis or saving hours of manual report construction every month, the software assumes the responsibility of good communication with customers and lets the business management team focus on handling the core facility operations.

As part of the constant customer updates, there are also dashboards accessible for inner performance analysis. These help increase customer perception and engagement. In addition, the visual presentation allows customers to get a clear idea of the business, which is always great for the upkeep of goodwill. Even in a progressively tech-savvy world, care and dedication remain the two standing pillars of maintaining good communication with customers. Regardless of how technologically advanced a business’ methods are, making sure that every step is done with dedication and care for the customer is vital.

Adopting the ideologies of technological advancement and ensuring care as well as dedication to customers in every dealing is the best way for a business to make sure its customers stay satisfied at all times. Whether your business is involved in refrigeration, plumbing, pressure washing, window cleaning or electric vehicle chargepoint installation, these tips can help you take your customer service to the next level.

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