Quote Templates for Service Businesses (Free Downloads)

Quote Templates for Service Businesses (Free Downloads)

  1. How to Use Joblogic’s Service Quote Template
  2. What is a Service Quote Template?
  3. Which Job Quote Template is Right for Your Business?
  4. Benefits of Using Service Quote Templates
  5. Enhance Service Business Efficiency and Productivity in 2022

A professional and accurate quote or estimate of costs is an integral part of any service business. Without a quote/estimate, it is impossible to predetermine the profit that you will make from a specific service.

However, many companies overlook the significance of a quote template. Without proper planning, companies are likely to mess up quotes by leaving out crucial details or improper formatting. A poorly made quote could hurt your company’s credibility and convert leads into recurring customers.

Fortunately, Joblogic’s field service quoting software can suit businesses in a wide range of service industries, minimising admin time and increasing your company’s efficiency.

Our quote templates can also be downloaded and shared with team members instantly.

Joblogic lets you build, customise, store and share new quote templates in minutes. You can also add your branding and design to make your proposals really stand out from the crowd.

HVAC Quote Template

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Want more? Discover our free HVAC invoice templates.

How to Use Joblogic’s Service Quote Template

  1. Save the template(s) as a new file on your computer.
  2. Open the saved file and complete all available fields. Fill in your contact information, customer details, quotation information, asset details and more.
  3. Calculate the total costs of parts, labour and time and include added VAT fees and discounts (where necessary).
  4. Customise your free quote template with your own logos, banners and preferred colour schemes.
  5. When you’re ready to create another new quote for a client, you can simply open a new copy of the saved file.
  6. Save each copy of your quote template with a unique, relevant file name.

What is a Service Quote Template?

A service quote or job quote template is a blank copy of your quote or estimate form, readily available for any service industry. For example, if your business involves installing electrical appliances and devices, you can customise your electrical quote template to outline the costs and parts required for a specific job.

Joblogic’s free quote template allows you to quickly fill out new forms during or after a consultation with a prospect. It saves time by automating the quote-creation process, so you don’t need to retype the same information every time you create a new form. This includes specified payment periods, contact information and terms and conditions.

HVAC Quoting Templates

Which Job Quote Template is Right for Your Business?

A quote template should be functional, enabling you to send detailed, professional quotes and estimates to your many customers. It should also be adaptable for any business so it can be used repeatedly without risk of error. Whether you need to create an HVAC estimate template, HVAC quote template or electrical quote template, Joblogic ensures your estimates are accurate, concise and customised for your company.

Service quote templates should convey information that is easily understood by the engineer and client, including:

  • Account information. This proves useful especially if the engineer needs to return to the job site in future.
  • Service history. By combining our quote and invoice templates, you’ll have this information on hand to reference previously completed services, materials and equipment.
  • A full cost breakdown. This gives your client a complete understanding of your services and the associated costs that come with it.
  • Terms and conditions. You can ensure that clients are made aware of service dates and warranties.
  • Contact information. It should be very easy for customers to contact you for repeat business. Therefore, it’s important to make your contact information clearly visible.

Benefits of Using Service Quote Templates

Convincing your clients to use your services is becoming increasingly difficult. There are hundreds of companies competing for their business, and they can pick and choose who offers the best value for money. A quote template helps to improve your bottom line, making you more competitive in the industry.

Below are the primary benefits of using a quote template:

  1. Consistent quote format – Keeping a consistent format in your quotes helps you stay organised, save time and keep track of all critical information. Recurring consumers will also appreciate the ease of reading a well-structured quote template that is always the same.
  2. Removes margin of error – Whether you’re filling up a quote template or estimate, Joblogic removes manual input errors by highlighting all fields that need completing.
  3. Professional, branded quotes – Custom quotes framed by your company logo provide customers with a professional look and feel. They show that you’ve invested time in customising your quote to reflect your company’s business practises.
  4. Easily track your revenue – Easily track project revenue using Joblogic’s free service invoice templates and service quote templates. Since both are accessible in a single platform, your accounting department can record all incoming payments and subtract your expenses against the total revenue.
  5. Monitor and compare quotes – Check previous service quotes to evaluate key metrics such as material costs, labour hours, etc. Over time, you can analyse the data to see if your net profit has increased.
  6. It’s cost-effective – Digital service quotes are quick and easy to create. This is because you don’t need to hire an outside team of graphic designers to design unique templates for you.
  7. Instant access – Templates can be shared with engineers and clients instantly via email or Joblogic’s online customer portal. Having a centralised system for all parties involved saves time and ensures everyone is on the same page.

Enhance Service Business Efficiency and Productivity in 2022

Service quote templates aren’t the only thing we offer. Using our cloud-based job management software, you can grow your entire field service operation. Joblogic caters to numerous service industries, offering electrical maintenance software, plumbing and heating software and more. Our end-to-end solution for service providers allows you to manage all your clients, technicians and jobs in one place.

We also provide a range of other resources, including free invoice templates and free job sheet templates to cater for your other needs.

Book a free demo with us today if you’d like to learn more about how Joblogic can streamline your business. Our specialised team of trainers will be happy to guide you through our platform and answer any questions you may have.

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