5 Big Advantages of Using Carpet Cleaning Software

5 Big Advantages of Using Carpet Cleaning Software

Providing the best carpet cleaning service to your customers is most likely the aim of your business, whether your organisation is commercial or residential. However, in this climate one thing that can make it more difficult is if competitors are taking advantage of the latest tech developments, and leaving you behind. 

Fortunately, this factor doesn’t need to hold you back. By equipping your team with an all-in-one solution, you can bridge the gap. Cleaning service management software helps to take the stress out of manual tasks by performing them automatically; allowing you to pack in extra time to grow your business.

But if you’re still asking why you should use an electronic system to manage your cleaning service, here are the five biggest advantages of investing in high-quality carpet cleaning management software.

1. Everything Is All in One Place

Controlling all your business aspects with multiple systems adds unnecessary difficulty to everyday work life. With carpet cleaning software, you will benefit from having all your customer’s information (e.g. job details and asset descriptions) in one single dashboard. This information can also be provided to your customers via our client portal software, to ensure clear communication and remove any uncertainties on either side.

2. Easy Asset Management

It is practical to keep an organised record of your client’s assets with everything you need in one place. With the right carpet cleaning business software, you can enjoy the flexibility to do this. Typically, the asset management system enables you to quickly search your entire inventory for any part, as well as the ability to add and edit stock.

3. Real-Time Information and Scheduling

With a cloud-based system, data can be viewed anytime, anywhere, making it very easy to see the information you want to see. An easy-to-use interface makes scheduling carpet cleaning jobs a breeze. It makes routine tasks easy to complete while keeping all your departments in the loop. For example, Joblogic’s job scheduling software allows you to ‘drag and drop’ jobs easily to an empty time and date slot.

Drag and drop scheduler for carpet cleaning jobs
Joblogic Web: Drag-and-Drop feature in Job Planner

It is essential to keep an up-to-date scheduler to not only keep up with customers’ demands but keep your business in order. Last-minute requests or cancellations are no problem when you manage your service with this all-in-one tool.

4. Powerful Reporting Tools

Businesses thrive on results and people like to see that their efforts have not gone to waste. Visualising your company’s efforts via pie charts and bar graphs not only adds a layer of professionalism to your service but increases workforce motivation. Carpet cleaning business software allows you to see accurate real-time data for every aspect of your business. From completed jobs to invoices, daily mileage to custom exports, see where your business can improve.

Reporting on carpet cleaner performance
Joblogic Web: Dashboard Reporting

5. Streamlined Communication with Carpet Cleaning App

Joblogic provides a mobile app for your field workers alongside software for carpet cleaning companies, enabling your team to receive real-time job information while working out in the field. Your current system might involve your engineers travelling to and from the office resulting in wasted time – our cloud-based software solves this problem.

This carpet cleaning mobile app is designed to give your workers instant information while out in the field. As your back office is busy scheduling and deploying cleaning jobs to your field crew, your business is using time productively.

Increased Business Revenue with Joblogic

These five advantages all contribute to the bottom-line of your carpet cleaning service, helping you to complete more jobs with an effective scheduler, and to maintain a clear task history of all performed services with powerful reporting. In addition, you’ll always know whether your field workers are on-site or en route with our mobile tracking app.

Soldiering on with outdated methods such as spreadsheets and paperwork, your business is not reaching its full potential. We know how difficult it can be to manage and organise a service company, which is why we recommend that you invest in an all-in-one management tool such as Joblogic.

Why not book a free demo today to see the benefits that Joblogic carpet cleaning service software could bring to your business?

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