5 Warning Signs It’s Time to Implement Field Service Management Software


For years you've relied on spreadsheets to keep your field service company running smoothly. After all, there was a time when field service management software was non-existent and an Excel spreadsheet worked well for scheduling engineers, tracking costs and more.

However, times have changed. Field service management is undergoing a revolution that will eventually affect how you run your company. Innovative software now allows:

  • engineers to send regulation compliance forms from mobile devices.
  • the back office to attach job information for an assignment.

While other field service companies take advantage of cloud-based software, your company may struggle with inefficiency. Don’t ignore the warning signs that your company is suffering because you’re still in the Dark Ages with spreadsheets. Here are 5 signs it’s time to implement field service management software:

  1. Your back office is swamped in paperwork

Too much paperwork is a warning sign. While paperwork is a necessity, it has its drawbacks. It clutters your office, requires organisation and drains your engineers’ time. Joblogic recognises how frustrating loads of paperwork can be, and we’ve designed our software so mobile workers can complete and send regulatory compliance forms from their smartphones or tablets.

Better yet, your back office can access or upload paperwork on our cloud-based platform. That means

  • Your back office won’t be distracted by too many engineers coming in to drop off paperwork.
  • Your back office won’t have to go searching for files. They’ll all be located on the platform.
  • Your back office can easily upload important forms into a job.

The result is better efficiency.

  1. You don’t spend enough time seeking new clients

If you’re having difficulty obtaining new business, it may be time to ask why. The root of your problem could be you spend too much time with small tasks that a field service management software could handle. Consider whether you allocate enough of your week toward business growth.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How many hours do I spend promoting my company?
  • How often do I welcome new clients?
  • How many hours do I spend scheduling jobs and supporting the back office?

If you’re not devoting enough time to growing your business, dig a little deeper to see if your time is tied up in petty tasks. Field service management software can become an extra secretary so you can find time for business growth.

  1. You see your engineers in the office too often

This is a sure sign that productivity could be improved. If your engineers aren’t spending most of their time in the field, then field service management software may help you correct this problem.

For instance, instead of an engineer coming to the office, you can use Joblogic’s GPS tracking features to locate your employee and send him on his way to the next job. Field service management software is designed to keep your mobile workers busy, productive and out of your office.

4. You are always missing deadlines

Missed deadlines can be a sign that the spreadsheet era has come to an end. If you’re using a dated management system, you may struggle with the agility and efficiency needed to keep up with customer demands.

The lack of a centralised platform can leave the details of your projects in a dozen places, making it easier to miss deadlines as you scramble from task to task. Field service management brings cohesiveness to your workflow. It also gathers data so you can estimate reasonable deadlines for your clients.

  1. You don’t know the actual costs of managing certain clients

If you can’t estimate the actual cost of maintaining each of your clients, it’s probably time for field service management software. To set accurate prices, you need to calculate the precise costs of certain clients. A centralised system can record the costs of travel expenditures, parts and labour.

Without detailed (and historical) information, you may be undercharging your clients and leaving money on the table.

Don’t procrastinate if these signs describe your company. Bring the way you manage your company into the 21st century, and experience the growth that is possible.


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