3 Ways You’re Helping Your Engineers Waste Time


You know how destructive wasted time is for your field service management company. When your engineers spend hours each week away from projects, your business growth can become stunted. Not to mention, you lose the opportunity to increase your profits by completing jobs.

Here’s something you may not think about: you may be helping your engineers waste time, and you don’t even know it. Whether you own a plumbing, gas or electrical company, if you don’t use an integrated management system, you are contributing to the inefficiency that reduces your profits.

Here are three ways you’re helping your engineers waste time by not implementing field service management software:

  1. Engineers waste time on the road

If you want to increase wrench time, you need to reduce travel time. When your engineers spend extra time on the road, you’re losing out in three ways:

  • You’re increasing fuel costs.
  • You’re paying a worker for time that could be spent on a project.
  • You’re making it difficult to acquire new business because your engineer isn’t completing projects quickly.

With field service management software, you can avoid wasting your engineers’ expertise on the road. One way cloud-based software accomplishes this is through GPS tracking. When customers contact your company with work requests, use mobile engineer tracking software.

Scan all your mobile workers, and find the engineer who can best meet the needs of your customer. You’ll avoid accidentally assigning the job to an engineer who is 20 kilometers away when you can contact the engineer who is 5 kilometers from the job.

You won’t only impress your customer with your quick response time. You’ll also avoid tying up your engineer’s productivity with travel.

  1. Engineers waste time with paperwork

Paperwork is another way you are causing your engineers to be unproductive. The reality is that your engineers must devote a significant portion of their working hours to paperwork.

But that doesn’t mean the process can’t be smoother. Field service management software simplifies regulatory compliance so your mobile workers reduce time spent completing paperwork.

For instance, your workers can fill out compliance forms on their mobile devices. As your engineer progresses through a project, he or she can simultaneously complete the required paperwork.

If your workers are slow at writing, completing forms on a mobile device helps them do so quickly. As an added benefit, your engineers avoid tracking their paperwork. You can say goodbye to calling your engineer because a document is missing.

  1. Engineers waste time in the office.

Your back office, while necessary for productivity, is not a productive space for your engineers. If you are constantly bumping into your engineers in your office, something is wrong.

The lack of field service management software could be at the root of your troubles. Without a cloud-based platform, your engineers need to stop by to drop off paperwork, and this can lead to wasted time. While in the office, it’s easy to start conversations with other engineers and the staff.

The absence of field service management software may also cause engineers to come into the office for assignments. If your back office is busy with administration, they may not have the time to assign jobs promptly. (In contrast, a field service tool streamlines the process of logging jobs for your mobile workers.)

After reading this article, you may now see how you are contributing to the inefficiency that plagues your company. However, you don’t have to watch your engineers waste time. You can do something to boost productivity.

Joblogic offers field service management software to help your engineers complete more jobs. With this tool, you’ll keep your engineers on projects by assigning their jobs through an online portal. Your engineers will stay out of the office because their jobs will appear as notifications on their mobile device. They’ll easily find the necessary information for beginning their new projects.

Joblogic also helps your engineers stay productive with built-in compliance forms, streamlining the process of keeping up with paperwork. Discover how Joblogic can improve your field service company, and Begin a Free 30-Day Trial.

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