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In times of austerity, public sector organisations and businesses will always be looking to gain maximum value for money when looking through tender bids. Some firms might take the myopic view that this means offering their services at the lowest possible profit margin.

However, it makes sense to take a more holistic view and offer intangible value such as better customer service and transparency in reporting when tendering bids as in the long run, the reduction in hassle could be worth as much to a customer as the bidder.


Winning Tenders: Service Level Agreements

Let’s be honest, service level agreements (SLAs) can be a real pain in the rear end for business. SLAs can come with fearsome penalties for failure to meet agreed levels of service that can really eat into profit margins; and as such meeting SLAs has to take all job priority. This is particularly true in reactive situations and as such is a major cause of stress all round when things go wrong.

Meeting SLAs is all about how a company manages them. For example, the more control a company has over their staff and assets in the field, the more likely they are to be able to make an informed decision on how to deal with a reactive situation when it occurs.

Workforce management tools like Joblogic come with tracking apps, which allow back-office staff to understand the location and status of field engineers and jobs. This then enables them to make the best decisions on how to deal with a reactive situation when it occurs.

Tracking and mobile job logging also allows a field engineer to confirm exactly when a job was received, when he arrived on site and when he left, so that at review time all the facts for each incident are indisputable. Being able to offer this level of transparency up front in the bid introduces real intangible value as it introduces trust from the off and reassures the offeror that they will get the level of customer service that they desire.


Winning Tenders: Rates and Forms

In high volume/small margin business cashflow is vital. Queries made by large organisations over costs and invoices received can and will disrupt cashflow massively, causing real pain to any small business. As such it is important to a company tendering for business that they know that they will be paid on time for work done, without issues.

This is particularly true with large organisations such as housing associations and councils. For example they will have a set schedule of rates for jobs which will need to be adhered to when they are invoiced. In addition, there are often regulatory forms that need to be included with invoices to confirm work is done and signed off.

Managing schedules of rates via spreadsheet software such as Excel is time consuming due to the amount of data entry that will be involved. It also opens companies up to the dangers of human error when information is transferred from the spreadsheet to invoicing software. Add to that the propensity for paperwork to go missing every now and then and it’s easy to see how a big tender can be less of a dream contract and more of a nightmare to small business.

Joblogic offers a module which is able to store differing schedules of rates from customers, which allows jobs to be priced up quickly and seamlessly in the invoicing module, undoing the need for data entry or the danger of data transfer going wrong. Likewise, with forms pre-loaded onto mobile devices for field engineers there is no worry of paperwork going missing meaning all documents can be filed together easily for swift payment.

This is also good for the large organisation, as it reduces time needed to approve payments and to check paperwork, offering them intangible value.


Winning Tenders: Free Trial of Joblogic

If your company is looking to bid for a tender from a large organisation in the private or public sector, now is the time to look at Joblogic. Joblogic makes it easy to schedule planned maintenance, to track assets and engineers in the field, and to improve cashflow with better invoicing. Call us today to discuss and don’t hesitate to register for a Free Trial!

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