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Traditionally, many service and maintenance companies have been using Planned Preventative Maintenance programmes to keep their customers assets in full working order. This will mean estimating and scheduling how often assets should be maintained, and executing plans of action to regularly service plant items. Although this is effective and minimises unexpected breakdowns resulting in business downtime, the whole process of replacing and maintaining assets before they are no longer fit for use can be extremely time consuming and costly.

Planned Preventative Maintenance has been the standard method for most Facilities Maintenance Businesses in the UK for many years, however with over £1 Billion worth of unnecessary equipment replacements and repairs in the UK in just 1 year, it has quickly become dated and no longer suitable for the current economic status of small and medium sized businesses. Picking up on this information, Joblogic (powered by Shepherd) have devised a solution that will completely disrupt the Facilities Maintenance Industry.

With extensive knowledge of asset management and experience in anomaly detection, Joblogic have partnered with Shepherd to create an integrated solution for anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and field service management. Many people will be asking what is predictive maintenance, and why is it so special?

Here is why: Predictive Maintenance is the process of measuring anomalies in a working system through vibrations and unexpected spikes picked up from specially designed internal sensors. Data is collected from these spikes, and the machine learning system will soon learn what is normal activity for an asset and what is out of the ordinary based on previous trends.

Joblogic acts as an intermediary between the asset data and businesses to help ensure they are aware of potential damage to an asset before it completely fails. When the anomalies are detected, a message is passed through Joblogic, and real time alerts are sent out to contractors to forewarn pending critical damage so they can deploy an engineer to fix the asset before it breaks. Predictive maintenance also ensures that only the faulty sections of an asset are maintained or repaired and removes the need for total unit replacement.

Due to its in-depth and accurate fault detection tools, predictive maintenance can help businesses completely change the way that they install customer assets, and allow them to save more time, money and resource to carry out more economically valuable jobs. Some larger industrial companies such as Daikin have already implemented inbuilt predictive maintenance tools to their air conditioning units, and have seen assets last longer. Seeing such an impressive improvement of business in an industrial sized corporation proves the formidable potential to strengthen domestic and commercial FM companies in the coming years.

How can Joblogic help you?

We know that many of our customers are heavily reliant on Planned Preventative Maintenance for assets they have installed on their clients sites, so it was only a natural progression for us to move into the world of Predictive Maintenance to help our customers grow. Although PPM currently seems to be a pretty permanent feature in Facilities Maintenance businesses, we are sure that soon Predictive Maintenance will take over and very few businesses will still be using traditional methods. Once you decide to start using Joblogic’s predictive maintenance module, you will see that the streamlined process of fault detection all the way through to dispatching an engineer is effortless, and it will only be a matter of time before you see your business transform into one of the leading companies in your industry. No more unnecessary visits and repairs. No more downtime. No more estimation and guessing, just real data gathered from real time asset performance.

Could this be the end of Planned Preventative Maintenance?

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