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Gas Safety Week in Full Swing


Tens of millions of people use gas to generate heat, to obtain hot water and to cook. Gas has become an extremely precious resource, but it should not be taken for granted. When boilers, heating equipment, and cooking appliances are not maintained correctly they can pose huge risks to the user.

According to statistics, about 50% of the Britons do not safety-check their gas appliances once a year as required. To make things worse, all across the UK there are approximately 7,500 illegal gas fitters performing work they shouldn’t, and about 250,000 illegal gas jobs are being carried out. Gas Safety Week is here to remind everybody that only proper maintenance, regular checks and jobs carried out only by registered gas workers can help create a safer place to live in.

The job of professional and registered gas workers is made more efficient thanks to the availability of smart job management & scheduling software. Top software providers such as JobLogic offer the Gas Installer software which is there to improve safety. In order to work on gas appliances, engineers must be registered, and they must complete certificates to prove they have complied with regulations.

For engineers, Gas Safety regulations can be painless. Filling in paper certificates means more time spent idle and waiting, and the entire invoicing process is slowed down. Such software can speed up the entire work process, so that engineers can focus on what really matters. Jobs are completed, and paperwork is sent wirelessly back to the office where invoices can be printed easily and quickly.

These certificates are available instantly, they will not be lost and they will not be illegible. There are many solutions available that make it easy to be gas safe, including maintenance scheduling and gas safety forms.

Mobile applications for engineers have been developed to help them schedule and accept jobs faster, and to receive important reminders for each type of job carried out (such as gas maintenance check reminders). The application is in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS), which means it is a fully cloud based application. Data is stored in a secure data center, giving you peace of mind.

The Gas Safe Register works to offer full protection to customers and providers alike. In order to be able to carry out a job involving gas, a contractor must be on the Gas Safe Register. A contractor that is not on the Gas Safe register, is a person that carries out jobs illegally.

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