Use Field Service Software for Your CP17 Certificates

Use Field Service Software for Your CP17 Certificates

  1. What is CP17 Certificate Software?
  2. What Are The Benefits?
  3. CP17 Gas Certificate Software from Joblogic

CP17 certificates are an every day requirement for many gas engineering businesses, and are required by law for all UK commercial properties, proving that all accessible pipework and gas appliances are safe to use.

For engineers and their management teams, creating and delivering CP17 certificates has always been primarily paper-based. And while paper processes aren’t inherently wrong, they can be inefficient, especially when managing many properties. This is where digital CP17 certificates and software can provide a huge benefit to your business, speeding up the process and making it easier to manage.

What is CP17 Certificate Software?

More and more facilities management service providers use CP17 certificate software to streamline their workflows. This cloud-based solution enables the creation and issuing of a CP17 gas certificate electronically, as well as helping to manage other associated tasks such as scheduling appointments, dispatching engineers and sending reminders to customers.

The software also provides a centralised location for all your customer and property data, saving time searching through piles of paper records to find what you need. In addition to your gas safety engineers having immediate access to this information, they can also collect readings and customer signatures electronically on-site using a mobile app.

What Are The Benefits?

Now that we’ve covered the basic features of this software, let’s look at how it can help your business specifically.

Digitises Your Work Processes

Normally, inspection forms are filled out on-site using a paper and pen. Service engineers then commute to the office to submit these documents for management review and approval. Finally, the certificate is then posted to the customer’s doorstep to finalise the process. This multi-staged process is time-consuming, labour-intensive and leaves plenty of room for human error.

CP17 certificate software eliminates these paper-based steps by allowing your engineers to store inspection forms electronically. This enables your back office to review and approve them instantly, generating and sending digital CP17 certificates directly to the client right after. This dramatically reduces the amount of time spent on each certificate, allowing your engineers to service a higher number of clients. And perhaps, just as importantly, they won’t have the hassle of carrying a stack of paperwork when travelling between properties.

CP17 certificate mobile app

Provides Greater Visibility for Your Business

With all your customer and property data stored in a central location, managers can easily track which properties need to be inspected and when certificates are due. Furthermore, the software stores consumer information such as job histories, site locations, contact details, and important gas safety dates, helping your engineers and back-office staff provide a more efficient service.

As both parties have access to this information, it also helps to improve communication and avoid double-booking appointments. Double-bookings generally occur because customer details are spread across multiple systems, making it difficult for everyone to keep track. Managers, as a result, end up having to spend valuable time coordinating between team members just to schedule a single visit.

Certificates Can Be Accessed on a Mobile App

As we mentioned earlier, our CP17 certificate software includes a mobile app. This is convenient for your back-office as a certificate can be labelled based on priority and then tracked when it’s ‘in-progress’, ‘completed’ or ‘pending’. Your engineers can be quickly notified when a new certificate is assigned to them, allowing for quick scheduling and service. 

Furthermore, the data collected on-site (customer signatures, readings, etc.) can be recorded electronically using the Joblogic app on-site. The customer can then sign off using their finger or a stylus, which is stored along with the form. This process is not only quicker and less prone to error, but it’s also safer. While paper forms can get lost or damaged, digital forms are stored securely in the cloud and can be backed up easily.

Provides an Entire Library of Different Gas Certificates

Energy and Facilities Management companies aren’t just responsible for managing CP17 certificates, but also for Warning Notice certificates, Commercial Gas Testing and Purging Forms, and many more. Organising and retrieving pending forms from piles of paper forms isn’t just time-consuming and tedious but can also lead to misplaced documents or forms that simply get lost in the shuffle.

An all-in-one digital solution offers greater convenience as it stores all your certification data in a library of gas certificates, saving you from filing and retrieving paper forms from your filing cabinets. As all of your certificates are digitally organised, management can quickly access and review the progress of each certificate, regardless of type, and quickly identify which ones are due for renewal. Such a system also helps to improve coordination between different teams as everyone is working from the same page.

Access a wide range of gas certificates within Joblogic

Customise Certificates to Your Liking

Your CP17 certificates don’t just confirm that your customers’ gas appliances are safe – they’re also a great marketing opportunity. A personalised certificate with your company’s branding is more likely to be noticed and remembered by customers and could be a valuable way to upsell your other services.

CP17 certificate software comes with customisable templates, allowing you to add your company logo, preferred colour scheme, and contact details. You can also choose from a range of fonts, colours, and layouts to create a certificate in line with your brand identity.

Once you’re happy with the design, you can save it as a template and send CP17 certificates right after. This is particularly useful if you manage multiple properties that belong to the same client, as you can autofill the customer’s details and add on any specific appliance information.

CP17 Gas Certificate Software from Joblogic

Joblogic’s CP17 certificate software is the ideal solution for managing your customers’ gas appliances. With our all-in-one platform, you can create, manage and send CP17 certificates all from one place – saving you time, money, and effort.

What’s more, the Joblogic mobile app enables you to collect data on-site and get digital customer signatures for their CP17 certificates online, removing paper copies altogether. And with our customisable templates, you can add your company branding to create a personalised certificate that will impress your customers.

Book a free demo today to learn more about how our CP17 certificate software can benefit your business. 

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