Top 20 Things That Happened in 1998

Top 20 Things That Happened in 1998

Let’s go 20 years back in the past, where brick phones and floppy disks were all the rage! To mark Joblogic’s 20th anniversary, we’ve made a list of iconic events that took place in 1998, including references to sports, pop culture, and technological changes that altered history forever.

1. Google Was Founded

Google homepage 1998Source: Wiki

Our beloved search engine was made into an official domain on September 4th, 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

2. Preparations for the Euro Were Being Made

Euro notes lying on a tableSource: Pexels

Designs for the new Euro coins and notes were announced between 1996 and 1998, and production began in 1998. Shortly after 1998 ended, the Euro came into effect as the official currency of the European Union.

3. Girl Band Galore

Girl bands such as The Spice Girls and All Saints were trending in the music world. Wherever you went, you were guaranteed to hear their catchy tunes on the radio.

4. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Was Aired

Who wants to be a millionaire tv setSource: Wiki

Hosted by Chris Tarrant, the very first worldwide series premiered on ITV on the 4th September, 1998.

5. Microsoft Became the Biggest Company Worldwide

Microsoft logo 1998

Source: Wiki

As well as Microsoft growing rapidly, Bill Gates appointed Steve Ballmer president of the company in September, 1998.

6. Furby Sensation

White furbySource: Michele M.F./Flickr

Furby was everyone’s best friend, no matter how old you were. The American electronic robotic toy was released by Tiger Electronics and is one of the most iconic toys from the 90s.

7. Japan Winter Olympics

Olympics logoSource: Pixabay

Held in February, 1998, the 19th Winter Olympic saw the introduction of snowboarding and women’s ice hockey, along with the re-introduction of curling.

8. Blockbuster Hits Charm Everyone

Walk of fame Bruce WillisSource: Wiki

Remember the thriller Armageddon starring Bruce Willis? How about Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. Yep, these all came out in the year of 1998.

9. Frank Sinatra Passed Away

Frank Sinatra younger standing at microphone

Source: Wiki

Commonly referred to as “the greatest singer of the 20th century”, American pop icon, Frank Sinatra sadly died at the age of 82.

10. Nokia Announced the 5110 Model

Nokia 5110 phone modelSource: Wiki

One of the most popular phones of the era, the Nokia 5110 had excellent battery life and was one of the first mobile telephones with a replaceable face-plate (allowing users to customise their device). Also, let’s not forget the iconic game, Snake, which was first featured on this phone.

11. Birth of the MP3 Player

Yellow MPManSource: Wiki

Manufactured by Korea’s Saehan Information Systems, the first portable music player (known as the MPMan F10) was launched in March 1998.

12. Alfa Romeo 156 Is Voted Car of the Year

Alfa Romeo 156 car model in drivewaySource: Wiki

The Alfa Romeo 156 won everyone’s hearts with its compact, easy-to-drive style. The Volkswagen Golf and Audi A6 finished second and third, respectively.

13. France Won the World Cup

France flag

For the first time in history, France won the 1998 FIFA World Cup. 20 years later, they also won the 2018 World Cup, hosted by Russia.

14. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Was Published

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets bookSource: Gwydion M. Williams/Flickr

Arising Harry Potter fans were ecstatic to hear that the second book of the series was to be published on July 2nd, 1998.

15. Pop Princess Britney Spears Releases Huge Hits

Britney Spears performing in 1990sSource: Wiki

From 1998 to 2000, Britney was all the rage with unforgettable beats like “Baby One More Time” and of course, “Oops!…I Did It Again”.

16. Beckham’s Infamous Red Card

David Beckham playing football in 1990sSource: Wiki

After kicking Argentina player, Diego Simeone during the 1998 World Cup, David Beckham received a red card. He described this infamous moment as one of his “top five career moments.”

17. Titanic Became the Highest-Grossing Film of All Time

Titanic movie logoSource: Wiki

Accumulating more than $580 million domestically, Titanic receives a record-tying 11 Academy Awards, including those for Best Picture and Best Director (James Cameron).

18. Apple Reveals the iMac Desktop Computer

Blue and silver Apple iMac desktop computerSource: Wiki

The iMac G3 was distributed in August, 1998 and was available in 13 colours. The design was dramatically different from previous mainstream computers, making it (believe it or not) unique for its time!

19. Eurovision Song Contest 1998

Eurovision song contest logoSource: Wiki

The 43rd edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest took place at the National Indoor Arena (NIA), Birmingham – Joblogic’s home!

20. Joblogic Was Born!

Joblogic logo in 1998

Formerly known as Tracer Management Systems in 1998, we later rebranded to Joblogic in 2003. Since this, we are proud to be supporting over 1,000 business customers and more than 10,000 individual users.


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