What is Smart Scheduling and How Can it Help Your Business?

What is Smart Scheduling and How Can it Help Your Business?

  1. What is Smart Scheduling?
  2. How can Smart Scheduling Benefit Your Company?
  3. How Can Smart Scheduling Improve Customer Experience?
  4. Trust Joblogic to Deliver a Smart Scheduling Solution

Are some of your employees feeling the strain of working too many hours? Perhaps your back office always finds itself in a crunch when trying to schedule employee shifts, not quite knowing who’s capable and available to work. There is a solution, and it lies in smart scheduling software.

The days of simple spreadsheets and handwritten documents to schedule employees are almost long gone. More and more companies have been migrating over to cloud-based smart scheduling software that is far more efficient than old school systems.

A smart scheduling system can save both time and money, and improve the customer experience by removing human error and judgement from the allocation of shifts. Rather than relying on managers to manually allocate hours across each staff member, smart scheduling platforms work to find the ideal employee for each job, based on their skills, availability, and location.

Below we’ll talk about how Joblogic’s smart scheduling works, what benefits it offers businesses of all sizes and industries, and why you should consider adopting this new technology today!

What is Smart Scheduling?

The term smart scheduling refers to the use of data and technology in assigning work. It provides your back office and field service workers with a clear line of communication while also giving them the tools and data to be more efficient in their daily tasks.

Joblogic’s scheduling software for field service companies is a collaborative process that helps improve the task of job assignment, along with providing real-time visibility into your employee’s work progress and location. It also enables managers to recognise and instantly dispatch the right employee for the job, offering insights about each employee – these include:

  • Product knowledge and experience in relation to the client’s request
  • Preferred scheduling and location preferences
  • Work capabilities and limitations based on previous performance
  • Location and proximity to the client site
  • Type of vehicle they own
  • Availability

Our data-driven approach to scheduling ensures that you’re deploying your workers in the most efficient way possible.

While this process takes time to get used to, it can be a massive benefit for your business. Your customers will receive better service, and your employees will be more productive. This ultimately leads to higher employee retention rates, bigger profits, and happy clients who will want to renew their service contracts with you!

How can Smart Scheduling Benefit Your Company?

Diary management system

Here at Joblogic, we provide a system for smart scheduling that can save your back office and employees time, money and resources by streamlining the way work is assigned. This technology reduces the need for paper, phone calls or other manual processes that often lead to inaccuracies and lost time.

With that being said, let’s breakdown the features of a smart scheduling system to better understand how it can help your business:

More Intelligent Routing – With Joblogic’s smart scheduling software, managers can use our GPS tracking system to provide employees en route the quickest and safest routes available to work. With engineer tracking, you can get real-time information on traffic, road conditions, weather and other temporary obstructions.

Improved Safety – Utilising smart scheduling programs allow companies to identify hazards at specific worksites when assigning jobs. This information will be then relayed to the designated employee, disclosing risk assessments, operating conditions and other factors critical to their safety.

A Comprehensive View of All Logged Jobs – Have access to our easy-to-use job calendar, which displays upcoming jobs for the day, week or month, along with their respective assigned field service workers. Tag each job based on priority or status to quickly identify what jobs are due up next.

Generated Reports – Create real-time reports based on important client information such as total outstanding jobs, profit margins and other metrics you can use to improve business operations.

Real-time Updates on Job Status – Your back office will receive instant updates on the progress of each job, which is then relayed to your clients through our customer portal. You’ll be able to proactively communicate with all parties involved, ensuring they’re informed at all times.

Proper Assignment Allocation – When an employee feels overwhelmed due to being given a task that doesn’t fit their skill set, they may feel discouraged. By assigning jobs based on employees’ strengths and personal preferences, managers can help boost morale and increase overall productivity.

Information Readily Accessible – Managers and employees can access client service history and task requirements on the move or on-site. Additional information such as on-site risk assessments, machine operating conditions, inventory levels and material costs are also displayed, helping to streamline communication and planning.

How Can Smart Scheduling Improve Customer Experience?

Whether your industry is property maintenance, HVAC, or electrical contracting, the choice to digitise your business with smart scheduling is a worthwhile investment in the long-run. With Joblogic’s technology in place, you can better manage client relations and improve work efficiencies for both employees and managers alike.

By simplifying the dispatch process, not only will your employees be more satisfied, but your clients will notice a significant improvement in worker response time, job performance and reliability. With this technology, you can reduce no-shows and ensure that the right people arrive at their job sites with minimal delay.

Trust Joblogic to Deliver a Smart Scheduling Solution

If you’re looking for a system for smart scheduling which meets all the requirements of your business, Joblogic can help. We understand that your company’s needs are as unique as the industry you’re in, and we’ll work with you to ensure a smooth, efficient implementation process.

Joblogic’s system for smart scheduling gives your back office a comprehensive view of your workforce and their corresponding job sites. From there, you can view employee credentials, track travel times and even view the progress of each assignment.

Smart scheduling software helps save time, money, and frustration for everyone involved – from back-office and field service staff, to the customers themselves. Book a demo with us today to get started.

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