Scalability and Security of Joblogic Infrastructure

Scalability and Security of Joblogic Infrastructure

Joblogic’s journey to creating the best software for our customers is far from over. We have been working hard to deliver significant improvements to the infrastructure. Since November 2017, multiple changes have been made to improve security and performance.

New Improvements

  • We have increased the number of hypervisors from 2 to 4. A hypervisor (also known as a virtual machine monitor) is a computer hardware that creates and supports virtual machines. By increasing the number of hypervisors, the performance of the system will improve.
  • With the additional hypervisors, the node count has increased from 16 to 24. This means that each hypervisor only has 6 nodes instead of 8.
  • We have added a perimeter firewall and a new gateway for when you enter our desktop product.
  • We have removed all auxiliary services.
  • Also, it’s worth noting that we have multiple backups onsite and offsite just in case there is any unforeseen damage to your data. This means all your data will never get lost.

Take a look below at our visual representation of these server changes:

Prior to November 2017: 

[Red actor shows what happens currently if the initial hypervisor is encountering problems, a redirection to the secondary hypervisor.]

An infographic showing Joblogic's old security prior to 2017

New and Improved since December 2017:

An infographic showing new and improved security from 2017: Perimeter Firewall, 3 Gateways each with its own secondary firewalls, A site with 4 hypervisors each with 5 nodes An on-site backup An off-site backup 5 databases

So, What do these Changes mean for you?

As a result of these changes, you will notice the following benefits:

  • Significantly improved security with the resilience level 75% improved.
  • Performance has been improved by 50%, due to the nodes to hypervisor ratio.
  • A process called redundancy will take place. Essentially, this refers to the state of a server when a user is trying to connect. If the server is experiencing unforeseen errors, then the user gets moved onto a new hypervisor. This means that you will always be able to connect to our desktop software, with computer performance remaining the same.

“In the event of a server failure users are moved to one of the three backup servers. This means that you can continue using Joblogic with minimal interruption.”

Going Forward

We are continuously working to improve our infrastructure. To achieve this, we will be increasing the number of databases to our system, which improves reliability. Moreover, we are working on a process called a ‘penetration test’. This is a test performed on a computer system which simulates an attack and evaluates the security of a system.

Read our guide on the extra security steps you and your field service business can take to stay safe.

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