New to Joblogic Web: Purchase Orders

New to Joblogic Web: Purchase Orders

Estimated Release Date: 21/03/18

Now, Joblogic Web offers users the ability to raise and track purchase orders against a job. Also, invoices from suppliers can automatically correspond to the correct order.

Once a job has been chosen, a purchase order list can be added. On the purchase order page, you can log one or more orders to a job. Learn more about our purchase order software.

Screenshot of Joblogic software - Add purchase order window

From here you can select what items you want purchasing (automatically suggested from your Parts library), which supplier you are ordering from (found from Supplier list), and where these items need to be delivered to (opted from job, storeroom, engineer or other).

A delivery status is now included so you can easily keep track of orders. By marking individual orders as delivered, this changes the colour of the status to green. With colour coding, it is visually easier to see the delivery status changes.

Screenshot of Joblogic software - purchase orders screen

The option to add supplier invoices to your purchase orders is also available. This can be attached as either a PDF or JPEG. A status will automatically appear, reminding you to add the invoice. This ensures everything is kept up-to-date and nothing is forgotten. Also, users now have the option to print or email the order directly from the system meaning you have a copy at hand.

Screenshot of Joblogic software - Add supplier invoice window

After adding purchase orders, you can view all of them from the history page. By clicking on an individual part order, you can see details such as the supplier, delivery status and what job it is intended for.

Benefits this Brings to You:

  • Efficiency – Everything is created and stored online on the cloud meaning less paperwork. Ultimately, this saves money and allows time to be used more efficiently.
  • Improved Communication – Engineers, back office and suppliers are integrated into the service operation meaning everyone is kept informed and included. The Joblogic mobile app also allows swift communication and cuts down the need for unnecessary travelling.
  • Better Organisation – In the maintenance industry it is important that materials or parts are sourced on time so a job can be kept to an agreed schedule. Orders and Supplier Invoices are kept online all-in-one place meaning nothing gets lost.
  • Enhances Reputation – By constantly keeping on top of your order deliveries and supplier invoicing, clients will see your company as professional and effective.
  • Simplicity and Quickness – Regardless of what job sector you work in, ordering materials is made simple with the Joblogic software. For reactive maintenance, it’s vital that parts are ordered as quickly as possible to resolve problems. With this, you can assure everything will be kept to a tight schedule.

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