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Mobile Engineer Tracking Software & App 

Mobile tracking software makes use of advancements made in mobile technology and the apps that have developed to take advantage of that. Most of us are now familiar and more importantly comfortable with using GPS technology to get around. On a daily basis, most of us use GPS location services to pinpoint our position on maps such as Google Maps, localised public transport apps like NX West Midlands and personal fitness apps like Strava.

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GPS Technology in the Workplace

Such tracking systems move us away from leisure and into the world of work. It is now possible to track engineers in relation to their assignments, giving detailed information about their exact location and estimated arrival time for their next appointment. Although many organisations see this as an advantage, there are those that shy away from such monitoring of their engineers, seeing it as excessive or unneeded. It must be remembered that every situation is different and although the implementation of GPS tracking for mobile engineers may be the best option in some cases, it is not needed or appropriate in others.

Joblogic has a beneficial mobile engineering app that your service maintenance business could use to the best potential. Deploy jobs to the most suitable engineers, keep your workers compliant and maintain constant communication throughout your company.

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