Introducing "Professional Services Subscription" - subscribe and save!

Introducing "Professional Services Subscription" - subscribe and save!

  • Buy professional services in advance at discounted rates.
  • Add your Professional Services Subscription payments to your existing Licence Subscription.
  • Your customer success manager will advise on the most suitable services and when to utilise them.

What are Joblogic’s professional services?

Joblogic’s professional services are additional offerings aimed at enhancing your experience with our software, ranging from training days to helping with tenders (details listed below).

Pre-pay for the services you’re going to need & get discounts

In addition to your Licence Subscription at Joblogic, you’ve always had the option to purchase extra professional services separately at standard rates. However, we're excited to introduce our new Professional Service Subscription, offering discounted rates on all such services. With the Professional Services Subscription, you can buy services in advance, and integrate spread payments into your existing License Subscription, so you'll only have 1 payment plan.

Here's a breakdown of our bundle options available to purchase as a Professional Services Subscription:


Purchase bundles of points & claim against any service you need

Subscribing to our professional services, you'll select a bundle of points that will best reflect your annual requirements. Bundles of points come in discounted subscriptions starting from £1770 and can be used on any of the following services:

  • Training & consultancy: Remote, on-site or in-house sessions ranging from new-starter, refresher to new functionality topics.
  • Technical support: Our team’s help with bespoke reports, form building, dashboard development and importing your data for you.
  • Automations & Integrations: Our team can design and build automations and integrations for you, helping you to handle your repetitive, manual tasks saving you precious time and administration costs. From integrating Joblogic with other systems like Zapier, to automated workflows that create jobs based on received emails and so much more.
  • SMS notifications: Keep your customers informed with SMS notifications, starting from 2000 texts per year through to 300,000.
  • Subcontractor jobs: Manage your subcontractor jobs via the subcontractor portal, keeping everything in one centralised system. Get as many jobs as you need for a set number of points.
  • Bespoke development: Collaborate with our developers to create custom solutions aligned with your unique business requirements, extending the functionality of Joblogic to address specific challenges and opportunities.
  • Business Procurement Services: Support with tender documentation and demos as part of the bid process to help you win contracts.

Your Customer Success Manager will be able to advise you on which subscription bundle is most suited to your business' individual needs and how much you’ll be able to save, based on the services you want to purchase. Contact your Customer Success Manager directly or email us at

Why subscribe?

  • Discounts: All services purchased via subscription points will deliver savings.
  • Advanced budgeting: Reserve a pot of money towards Joblogic as your software provider and stick with it.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Scale your subscription bundle to align with changing business needs and priorities, ensuring that you always have the resources and support required to drive success.

For more information on Joblogic Professional Services Subscription, contact your Customer Success Manager directly or email us at

*You can subscribe to a package at any time, no need to wait for your Licence Subscription renewal. The cost of the Professional Services Subscription will be added as a new item to your existing Joblogic invoice alongside the Licences subscription.

*Please, rest assured that once you’ve subscribed to the Professional Services package, your Customer Success Manager will be helping you monitor the status of points.


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