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Introducing Joblogic's Squads: The Ultimate Customer Success Team

Introducing Joblogic’s Squads: The Ultimate Customer Success Team

At Joblogic, we're always searching for ways to enhance the customer experience. That's why we've recently restructured our customer success team into squads to give our customers a dedicated team of experts. Our new operational structure guarantees that we provide outstanding service to all our customers, with each squad consisting of your dedicated customer success manager, a senior support colleague, a technical support colleague, and an implementation consultant who will also serve as your exclusive training resource. This means that every customer will have a full team of resources at their fingertips, benefiting from the unique strengths of each team member.

What is a squad?

A squad is a team of experts committed to providing our customers with the ultimate service experience. Your customer success manager will be your primary point of contact throughout your Joblogic journey, ensuring a consistent, friendly face from the implementation phase, through to going live and beyond. This consistency allows your success manager to understand your business's specific requirements fully. With the support of an expert team behind them, you can be sure that we'll deliver excellent results and maximum success.

How Will the Squads Benefit Customers?

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During the onboarding process, each customer will be assigned to a squad to ensure maximum success.  Our 'team around the customer' concept offers several benefits to our customers. Firstly, the new structure will mean that there is always someone available to assist with any enquiries or requests. Our senior support and technical support colleagues will have mini-teams behind them to support in the resolution of enquiries and the delivery of requests, ensuring that we meet SLAs and deliver excellent results. Additionally, squads will hold regular internal meetings to ensure that all team members are aware of customer accounts and any open requests/issues, streamlining the process of resolving issues quickly and efficiently.

Implementation manager, Paul Webb said “The new structure gives our customers a consistent and solid foundation to launch Joblogic into their business. As well as forging focused, productive and empowered working relationships internally.”

"I love the new working structure. Being in a small team or 'squad' means each of my customers receives an enhanced service from me because I have a dedicated team behind me who I can go to with any queries and receive an instant response. We host regular catch ups so we can share ideas and updates. This leads to a better customer experience overall as my customers have not only me but my team 'Squadzilla' as a single point of contact. My team are learning all about my customers and their specific business requirements We are working on one common goal and that is to ensure our customers are happy Joblogic users." said Eve Ralphs, Customer Success Manager.

At Joblogic, we are committed to providing the best possible service. The 'Team Around the Customer' is just one of the many ways we are working to improve the customer experience. By restructuring our customer success team, we can provide even better service, with each squad working together to ensure that we deliver excellent results.

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