New Improvements to the Planner

New Improvements to the Planner

We have introduced an update to the planner module of Joblogic. This has been done to make it easier for you to view your engineers’ schedules at a glance, as well as book and deploy your jobs more easily. See below the changes we have made:

Old Planner View
Screenshot of the old planner from Joblogic software on a desktop view

New Planner View
Screenshot of the new planner from Joblogic software on a desktop view

Improve efficiency with our new timeline view

By far the biggest change introduced is the new and improved timeline view. This allows you to see which engineers have free time on each day, allowing you to book in jobs more easily. When new jobs come in, you can quickly view your engineer’s daily and weekly schedules to assess who’s available for upcoming work. You can also view schedules on a monthly basis to optimise your resources over time.

You can see a breakdown of the additional changes made below:
  • The ‘Filters’ and ‘Engineers’ tabs have now been moved to the top left corner of the planner. Use the filter tab to specify branches, classes and trades.
  • Booking non-productive time can now be done using this button: Book Non-Productive Time button. This can be found in the top right-hand corner of the planner and eliminates the need to highlight a specific engineer.
  • ‘Unassigned Work’ has stayed in the same place but is now in a collapsable tab. Use the search button to search for areas or jobs.

Learn more about our planner and latest releases. If you any questions about our planner functionality, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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