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Guide to updating the Joblogic Mobile App - UK's #1 Service Management Software

Guide to updating the Joblogic Mobile App

All users of the Joblogic Mobile should update their app to the latest version (Joblogic iOS v1.0.97 and Android v1.0.124 OR v1.0.125) before 18th July 2022.

Any user on the older version of the mobile app will not be able to access the app starting from 18th July 2022.


1.Open [Play Store] and on the top bar search for Joblogic.

2.Tap on Joblogic and press update.

3.Once updated, go to the the main page of Play Store.

4.Tap on the left corner, tap the menu icon:


5.Tap [Settings] > [Auto-update apps]. Choose the option to auto update the apps so in future Joblogic app gets auto:



1.Open the App.

2.Search for Joblogic app and press update.

3.Once updated please open the Settings app on your.

4.Scroll down and tap the App Store:


5.Turn on the switch next to Automatic:


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