Streamline Your Field Service Business with End to End Software

Streamline Your Field Service Business with End to End Software

Whether you’ve established your own field service business or are leading a team of your own, you’ve likely poured your heart and soul into getting the most out of the staff and growing the company.

You’ve developed an understanding of the equipment required to provide the best service, created a pricing model that gets customers through the door and then rewarded those clients for their loyalty. To help operational efficiency, you’ve even onboarded multiple software providers to assist with scheduling, invoicing and equipment inventory.

But what if there was one piece of software that could help you manage the entire customer journey? Joblogic end-to-end field service management software allows you to track all of your inventory, technicians, and company expenses, providing a clear overview of your daily operations and performance.

What is End to End Field Service Software?

End to end software for field services provides everything needed to manage all company aspects, both for. This system can help simplify your business processes while giving visibility into daily operations that occur across all departments, from back office to field engineers. 

Here at Joblogic, we know how challenging it can be to find the right software for your business. That’s why we offer an integrated set of modules and applications used by organisations that want to provide first class service and achieve efficiency in all their operations. 

Straightforward Job Scheduling 

Joblogic’s job scheduler is one of its most powerful features. The system allows you to easily organise different service requests and assign them to the appropriate technicians by date, time, location or priority level with drag-and-drop simplicity.

As a result, your team members are always aware of their personal schedules, and you can monitor the overall operations of your company and identify any scheduling conflicts before they happen.

Joblogic’s job scheduling system allows you to schedule technicians for jobs based on their specific skill sets. This is a beneficial feature if you have a diverse workforce with skilled technicians in multiple areas.

The software also enables you to apply job filters and colour coding to your dashboard view, in order to help you sort and manage projects, while you can label clients on whether they need a one-time visit or recurring services.

Easy Dispatch of Your Engineers to Jobs

With Joblogic’s field service dispatch software, you can manage and monitor your fleet of technicians so they can be dispatched at a moment’s notice, whether they’re in the office or near the client’s location. 

Our innovative end to end solution also lets you monitor where your field service staff are in real-time. If a vacant engineer is required on-site urgently or they’re running late, you’ll know and can make alternate arrangements accordingly.

Thinking of incorporating our job management software for your dispatch needs? Consider these added benefits:

  • Schedule service appointments with customers with our user-friendly drag & drop calendar
  • Produce a recurring maintenance schedule for clients and assign it to the engineer most suited

Benefits of dispatch software

Full Transparency of Every Job via Your Mobile Device

Another benefit of our end to end software is the provision of Joblogic’s mobile app for engineers.

Our mobile device software allows you to give your technicians instant access to job information, customer contact records and other vital data from their tablets or smart devices. This is an excellent way for them to work more efficiently without having to carry around paperwork.

Once managers are notified that the job is done, our software will automatically log the job as completed and send a digital invoice to the customer.

In addition, this mobile app helps technicians to view customer data before they arrive on-site. Data can include assets that require immediate attention and service notes like documentation and equipment photos to better understand the job at hand. 

Engineers may also diagnose problems more extensively by communicating with other technicians on the field. Newer engineers, for example, can have their senior-level colleagues review consumer equipment on the fly when they need assistance.

Our end to end software for mobiles also facilitates :

  • Storage of electronic forms customised to suit your business processes i.e. health and safety forms
  • The submission of pre-work or post-work electronic signatures, saving long office trips to drop off paperwork 
  • Crucial information ready for technicians when arriving on-site like risk assessments
  • Efficient data sharing between your back-office and field service staff through a single platform

Engineer Tracking and Job Tracking

When your company relies on field service engineers to handle customer requests, you need a way of tracking how their day goes. From tracking technicians en-route towards a site to monitoring their productivity while servicing customers, Joblogic has you covered.

Mobile engineer tracking helps to better manage service requests with advanced information, such as job status, locations of your technicians and the amount of time spent on-site. If an engineer consistently takes longer than necessary to travel to work or service clients, you can quickly address the problem to ensure timely service.

Aside from tracking your engineers, job tracking plays a pivotal role in the success of your company. Joblogic provides a user-friendly interface to manage and view jobs as they’re logged in. Staff can edit and categorise jobs while adding notes and order numbers based on priority and required skill sets.

In addition to editing and categorising jobs, managers can also see detailed job reports showing essential key metrics. These include: 

  • Outstanding jobs remaining
  • Repair rates for a client’s first service
  • Monthly and annual costs per customer
  • A table showing your most productive technicians

Book a Free Demo of our End-to-End Software Today

By using Joblogic’s end to end solution, you’ll be able to track and measure every aspect of your company in a centralised location. From implementing mobile accessibility to providing your engineers with up-to-date information on the job, our Job tracking capabilities will help you increase productivity and improve customer service.

Our software can cater for a huge range of industries, from broader fields such as electrical maintenance and plumbing, to more specific fields such as drinks machines installation and tile and upholstery cleaning.

If you’ve made it your utmost priority to streamline your business practices, it’s time to consider Joblogic’s end-to-end field service management solution. Contact us today for a free demo, and let our industry experts guide you throughout the whole process. 

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