5 Reasons Why We Offer a Short-Term Rolling Contract at Joblogic

5 Reasons Why We Offer a Short-Term Rolling Contract at Joblogic

Whilst searching the market for service management software, you may have noticed that many companies offer long-term commitment plans only – meaning you as a customer would be tied in for a period of time, in extreme cases for 5 years, or an outright purchase option only.

Even though we at Joblogic offer annual subscription plans for the convenience of some companies, we also provide an option to remain on a monthly rolling contract.

It is unlikely that businesses would enter long-term (5 years +) contracts with their clients and the same goes for their software providers. We believe you should have the freedom of a rolling contract when you subscribe to us.

We like to give our customers both monthly and annual options when it comes to subscribing. Normally, bigger businesses prefer having their subscription set up via an annual plan, but smaller businesses or startups might struggle with upfront payments. They are welcome to use Joblogic with a minimum commitment, which is our monthly contract. Whatever the size of your business and whichever industry you operate in, Joblogic service management software can adapt to your needs via the selection of the subscription plans we offer.

Why Do We Offer a Monthly-Rolling Contract?

Joblogic offers a rolling contract

1. A Culture of Continuous Improvement

We listen to our customers and integrate your feedback into the development roadmap for our software. As a company who strives to improve their product and service, we never become complacent. Instead, we tackle problems head-on, find a solution and refine our product to be the very best on the market. New updates to our service management software are happening constantly, therefore if you stay with us for a while, you will get the benefit of regular improvements.

2. Our Customers Are More Important Than Our Prospects

When you operate a subscription model over an outright purchase, it forces a culture change in your sales team. It is easier to keep customers than add new ones. The major focus of a SAAS business like ours is on customer retention, rather than customer acquisition. Obviously, it is great to bring on new customers too. We are confident that our rolling contract option fosters a trust relationship with new customers. It is harder for this to be achieved when a salesperson is trying to get you to sign a long-term deal.

Joblogic software on desktop, tablet and mobile

With each of our customers, we ensure they receive the ‘golden promise’. Essentially, this means we are honest right from the beginning and we will advise you whether or not our product will suit your business. Opting for our rolling contract allows you to try and test our product without the need for a long-term commitment. We are certain you will love our software as it offers a diverse range of features for your business, whatever trade you are in. From job tracking to invoicing, mobile forms to asset management, Joblogic will get you organised in no time. Once you register with us, you can start a free trial. During this time, you will have access to all features, full access to our mobile app for iOS and Android, world-class support and more.

3. We Have a Simple Setup

A rolling contract simplifies the business process for both you (the customer) and us (the provider). Once you subscribe, you will be notified of the payable amount in advance which enables you to plan your budget accordingly. With this in mind, you will feel secure in knowing that you have access to our software as much as you want.

4. We Provide Financial Convenience

Cost-effective job management with Joblogic

We understand that your cash-flow may not be consistent, especially if you are a startup company. For this reason alone, using the rolling contract option ensures security and convenience. Meaning, whenever you feel financially uncomfortable, you do not need to commit to us on a long-term basis.

5. We Offer Flexibility

Unlike other businesses who only offer annual-subscription plans, we allow our customers the freedom of a monthly rolling contract. Whenever you feel the need to take a break from us, for whatever reason, your contract can be changed.

If your user requirements change, you can adjust the number of colleagues accessing the system and your bill will automatically recalculate.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, a business model which offers choice brings multiple benefits. At Joblogic, we want the very best for our customers and do not want you to feel tied down once you have subscribed to our service management software. Instead, we allow you the comfort and freedom of a subscription-based service.

If you would like to discuss our subscription or pricing with us, please contact us.

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