Joblogic’s Year Ahead

Joblogic’s Year Ahead

As we start 2024, Joblogic is excited to share a glimpse of our ambitious roadmap for the year ahead, promising groundbreaking developments to elevate your field service management experience. We're unveiling a user-friendly projects module, refining features based on feedback, and integrating Artificial Intelligence for enhanced efficiency.

Enhancing Products

In 2024, our commitment to a seamless user experience continues with the ongoing refinement of existing features, including updates for vehicle tracking and the subcontractor portal. These refinements are a direct result of user feedback, ensuring that these vital components align seamlessly with the evolving needs of various industries.

New Products

Joblogic is set to introduce a revolutionary projects module designed to handle larger installations seamlessly. The innovative addition will focus on user-friendly features that will provide users with an enhanced and more intuitive approach to managing complex projects.

Other significant additions will provide integrated and efficient solutions for expanding operational control, managing stock and equipment, and management of the dynamic sales pipeline, contributing to a more streamlined operational workflow.

Internal Automation: Powering Efficiency

At the forefront of technology, Joblogic is venturing into the realm of Artificial Intelligence, aiming to teach our engine and integrate it seamlessly into the platform. This endeavour promises improved automation and intelligent decision-making capabilities.

Furthermore, we are streamlining the onboarding process with dedicated automations to ensure a smooth user experience from the very beginning.

In 2024, Joblogic remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of field service management software. We remain focused on delivering user-centric solutions that prioritise operational efficiency and adaptability to the dynamic landscape of the industry. We look forward to a year of innovations that will significantly elevate your experience with Joblogic.

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