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Joblogic Black Friday 2023 Offer
Terms & Conditions

Please see all terms and conditions related to Joblogic’s 2023 Black Friday offer:

  1. The offer is only applicable to new sales prospects of Joblogic, who are not currently Joblogic customers, or have been in our pipeline prior to 20th November 2023.
  2. This offer is only applicable to demos booked and attended by 31st December 2023.
  3. This offer is only applicable to prospective customers who activate and pay their first invoice within 30 days from the demo completion date.
  4. This offer is only applicable for annual plans. Your total minimum commitment term would be 30 months contractual agreement, with the following stipulations: 
    1. Your minimum commitment term is 24 months, with an additional 6 months with 50% off. 
    2. You must subscribe at least 5 users to Joblogic. 
    3. The total amount payable will be invoiced as an upfront payment. 
  5. This offer is not applicable for rolling monthly contracts. 
  6. The offer runs for a limited time only, of which we have the right to end at any time. 
  7. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. However, if you see multiple offers on our website that you may be eligible for, please discuss this with member of our team and you can choose which offer you would like to be applied. 

This promotion is administered by Tracer Management Systems Limited (Trading as Joblogic) of 
Unit 305,
Zellig Building,
Gibb Street,
B9 4AA.

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