Covid-19 Mobile Forms

A Guide to Activating Your Free COVID-19 Mobile Forms in Joblogic

To help you continue to work and stay safe during this difficult period, we have now released 3 new COVID-19 mobile forms that are available to your business free of charge. Join the hundreds of customers that have already activated these forms to keep your business compliant.

What are COVID-19 mobile forms?

COVID-19 forms allow your business to be fully compliant whilst working on-site by prompting your field engineers to document all necessary site safety information in relation to COVID-19.  Once enabled, they will be accessible to your field staff on their mobile application. There are 3 new COVID-19 forms available in Joblogic. These include:

  • An ‘engineer on-site’ form
  • A ‘customer on-site’ form
  • An ‘engineer daily’ form

Completed forms can be sent to the back-office immediately for managers to review and sign-off. Completed daily forms can be viewed in real-time dashboards to improve data visualisation.

How will these forms benefit your business?

Our new COVID-19 forms are designed to ensure that your team remains as safe as humanly possible whilst working on-site. By enabling these forms on the Joblogic mobile app, you will ensure:

  • The safety of your field service engineers
  • The safety of your customers
  • Full industry compliance with all COVID-19 workplace regulations

Enable your free COVID-19 forms with these easy steps:

Step 1: In Joblogic, visit the ‘Settings’ icon. This can be found near the bottom of the left-hand column.

In Joblogic visit the Setting

Step 2: Click on the ‘Electronic Forms’ button.

Electronic Forms

Step 3: Enter ‘Covid’ into the search box. The forms will then appear on the page.

Enter Covid in to the search box

Step 4: Once the forms appear, tick the ‘Deploy’ button on the right-hand side.

Tick the Deploy button on the right-hand site

Form Workflows

Once the above steps have been completed, the 3 COVID-19 forms will be available for your field service engineers to use. Please ensure that they are using the latest version of the mobile app.

1) Engineer On-Site Form Workflow

When an engineer presses ‘on-site’ on their mobile app, he/she will then be prompted to fill in the ‘engineer on-site form’.

Engineer on-site form

Before doing so, the engineer must press ‘Add’ to activate the form.

Covid 19 engineer form

Once added, the engineer will be able to fill out the form on their mobile app. The form will ask them the following questions:


2) Customer On-Site Form Workflow

This form is found within the ‘mobile forms’ section of the mobile app and can be filled in once an engineer arrives on-site. The form contains a list of precautionary questions for the site contact to fill in regarding their policies surrounding COVID-19. The following questions are asked to the site contact as part of this workflow:

Customer On-Site Form Workflow 1
Customer On-Site Form Workflow 2
Customer On-Site Form Workflow 3

3) Engineer Daily Form Workflow

When the engineer travels to their first site of the day, they will be prompted to fill out this form. The daily form is used to check whether engineers are displaying symptoms and to monitor whether they are okay to work. It will display the following questions:

Engineer Daily Form Workflow 1
Engineer Daily Form Workflow 2

Form Outputs

Once your engineers have completed the above forms on-site, the outputs can be reviewed immediately in the back-office. To view your COVID-19 ‘engineer on-site’ and ‘customer on-site’ forms, simply visit the forms logbook. Completed forms will be shown here along with their associated job numbers and completion dates.

Covid Form Logbook

Please note: ‘Engineer daily’ forms will be found under the dashboard section in Joblogic and not in the forms logbook. The option will appear once you deploy the ‘engineer daily’ form.

Covid Daily Dashboard Access

The final outputs for each of the 3 COVID-19 forms can be seen below:

1) Engineer On-Site Form Output

Form Engineer On-Site Form Output

2) Customer On-Site Form Output

Form Customer On-Site Form Output

3) Engineer Daily Form Output

Instead of being accessed in the forms logbook, the COVID-19 ‘engineer daily’ form output will be found within the COVID-19 Daily Dashboard which can be found under the dashboard section of Joblogic (as shown above). The output can be seen below. Back-office users can filter the results to show either passed or failed forms, or both.

Engineer Daily Form Output

See what our customers said

GF Electrical “These forms give us some great movement with both employees and clients to show we are being responsible, taking the current situation seriously and proving that we are following guidelines. It has already helped to satisfy our clients and it will help us to move forward as restrictions change.”

Michelle Fisher
GF Electrical Ltd

Air Systems logo “The new electronic forms are very useful. They work well and are easy to complete on-site. It’s a great time to implement them into the forms inventory in response to the COVID-19 situation.”

David Salmons
Air Systems

If you have any further questions about our free COVID-19 mobile forms, please contact Please also make sure that you follow us on Linkedin for further updates.