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A growing customer base, no central system to help manage back office operations and the use of several disjointed business applications led Airco to implement Joblogic. The service management software helped Airco improve operations and enabled them to increase their customer base through being more efficient. The use of Joblogic Mobile has maximised the time of office staff and engineers by enabling real-time communication and reducing reliance on paperwork.

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Walker Gas

Walker Gas Services began using Joblogic in 2006 to implement a new and improved system for managing the work cycle, from call logging and job scheduling through to invoicing. In 2009 the decision was made to invest in Joblogic Mobile to provide the office with a fully integrated and real-time interface between them selves and engineers in the field.

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Penny Lane Builders

Penny Lane Builders recognised that more control was needed over the flow of work, mainly the need to reduce excessive paperwork and the potential to miss invoicing and the lack of centralised information for administration and management. By using Joblogic and Joblogic Mobile all this has been achieved, plus the job cycle is more efficient through improved communication between the office and engineers in the field, costs have been reduced and their clients benefit from high levels of service.

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AM Group

When AM Group implemented Joblogic, the benefits of a real-time interface between engineers and the office were delivered immediately. Unnecessary paperwork has been eliminated from the job cycle, forms and signatures can be completed and captured by Joblogic Mobile, and the time to invoice has been reduced dramatically.

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