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Customer Portal Software

Customer Portal Software

Provide your customers with 24/7 access to their data via online customer portal software.

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When 89% of people value customer service above pricing, you need to be able to offer a high-quality service that leaves your customers satisfied. With specialist customer portal software for field service businesses, you can provide features your customers will value enough to come back to you for repeat business.


Dashboard view of stats for customers

Dashboards And Reports

One of the best ways to keep your customers happy with your customer service is by giving them easy access to the information that matters to them. With the Joblogic customer portal, you can present reports and data in easy-to-understand formats that are intuitive to use and easy on the eye. Customers can even access detailed reports, view their site history or look at asset registers, making it easy to access the information your customers care about.

Real time status updates via the Customer Portal

Real-Time Status Updates

Rather than spend time manually calling and messaging clients to keep them updated on the status of their job, you can provide a customer portal that will let customers see the status of their job in real-time. Using a range of status icons, customers will be able to tell whether the engineer is en-route, on site, or completed the job. Customers will also be able to access job notes, engineer recommendations, photos and certificates too. They can even download job sheets as PDF’s.

If your clients are regular enough customers, you may even want to provide them the facility to log their own jobs. If you give access to the job logging ability of the customer portal, you’ll get a notification when the customer creates a job. This makes it easier for customers to book work, and you can easily schedule and dispatch workers to fulfil their jobs from within the same software.

Quote and invoice library for customer to view

Quotes And Invoices

In addition to providing customers with job information through the customer portal software, you can also give them access to quotes and invoices. This makes it easier for customers to approve quotes and pay invoices directly from in a single location, speeding up the time it takes to get quotes accepted, and for invoices to be paid. Customers can even upload documents like purchase orders, leave comments or add order numbers, making it easy for them to buy from you, as well as cutting down on invoice queries which can be a heavy administrative burden. Instead, your customers can search, download, and print them out for themselves. On top of this, they can pay for their invoices through the portal by using our secure and convenient payment gateway for debit and credit cards.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Customer Portal Software

Customer portal software is a form of web-based application that enables you to provide your customers with a single place for them to contact your business, see what the status of their jobs is and independently take actions without the involvement of one of your staff members.

For Joblogic, client's customer portals are used to provide a place for their customers to pay invoices & bills that have been generated, as well as for them to be able to see job status updates. As Joblogic is a cloud-based portal solution, customers can get live updates as to the status of their job, as well as be able to pay off invoices in real-time.

The most obvious and biggest benefit of using customer portal software is that it enhances customer experience and improves customer satisfaction. As customer portals provide seamless ways to access information, make payments or just resolve any issues that might arise, the client’s experience is simple, and efficient, and leads to higher levels of satisfaction than if a customer portal were not in place.

On top of this, the integrated nature of customer portals means they can be connected directly to other parts of your business processes such as your invoicing system and job management software. This means you don’t need to manually update anything, as automated workflows can handle everything for you, leading to reduced time spent on admin tasks, and reduced operational expenditure.