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Schedule, manage and optimise the daily routes of your field engineers with field service route planning software.

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Running a time-effective operation is no easy feat in the service and maintenance industry. It is crucial for businesses to continuously optimise their work schedules and travel times to ensure that field engineers are delivering a suitable return on investment. Joblogic’s field service route planning software can play a major role in achieving this. With our help, managers can assign tasks to nearby team members, reassign jobs to cut down on transit time, and automatically reorder jobs to follow a more efficient route. While this may only take seconds to manage, it can become invaluable in reducing mileage, increasing efficiency, and fitting more profitable work into the day.


Digital route scheduling and job allocation

Simplify Route Scheduling and Job Allocation

Joblogic’s field service route planning software enables managers to deliver a far more productive daily schedule for their workforce. With Joblogic, you can easily automate the process of job allocation by basing decisions on a number of key criteria:

  • An engineers trade and location.
  • The remaining working hours of an engineer and their travel time from home.
  • Estimated job duration.
  • The priority of the job.

To this end, route planning software can help you drive a far more cost-effective operation by ensuring the right man is allocated to each task which, in turn, reduces overhead spend.

Route optimisation tool for engineers

Reduce Travel Costs with Route Planning Software

With a complex travel schedule comes the need for reliable route planning and optimisation. Joblogic can act as the perfect counterpart by determining the best route for any engineer in real-time with integrated GPS tracking. By visualising an engineer's daily workload on a map, companies can make quicker, more informed scheduling decisions. Managers will have the capacity to map one-off or recurring jobs and generate the quickest, most cost-efficient route for each team member in seconds. The end result is better engineer efficiency and a reduction in travel times and costs.

Assign jobs to engineers based on GPS location

Speed Up Job Reassignment to Prioritise Profitable Work

A key challenge for service and maintenance companies is the ability to prioritise more profitable jobs per day. Our job routing software enables managers to easily resolve any exceptions to an engineer's daily job list. This helps to ensure that the most important jobs are attended to first. If an unforeseen circumstance occurs that may threaten the completion of an important task, managers can quickly reassign a job to another operative who is available and more suitably located. This is made possible by Joblogic's real-time status updates, which allows engineers to send job progress reports to the back-office in real-time.

Joblogic mobile app

Fully Integrated with Our World Class Mobile App

Joblogic's mobile technician app is essential for making fast and accurate route planning decisions in the field. If a job is cancelled or a new job is added throughout the day, the route will automatically re-optimise and the engineer will receive instant notifications and turn-by-turn directions on their phone. In addition, managers will benefit from receiving job status updates and map locations in real-time, allowing them to understand the status of the job, vehicle, and driver. Having access to this data sooner also allows dispatchers to keep customers well informed of progress at every stage of the journey, from departures and arrivals to job completion on site.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Field Service Route Planning Software

Field service route planning software is a specialist software designed to enable field service businesses improve their productivity by allowing them to optimise the routes that their field teams take to get to their jobs. By finding the quickest routes for engineers you can better manage your job planning by assigning jobs based on speed to get to the location.

Route planning software like Joblogic can provide a range of different benefits. The most noticeable is that it can lead to increased efficiency and productivity for your organisation by decreasing time spent travelling to jobs, so you can get more jobs done in a single day. On top of this, my minimising travel time you can decrease fuel costs as well as vehicle wear and tear.