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Target Refrigeration

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Operating since 2019, newcomer Target Refrigeration Ltd. is based in Chesham and provide its quality HVACR service to customers in London and the surrounding areas. Despite its relative youth as a business, Target Refrigeration’s engineers have over 40 years of experience in the industry, so they have the expertise to provide customers with the service they expect. Working predominantly with commercial clients, Target Refrigeration provides a range of services including installation, planned and reactive maintenance, and designing bespoke systems to suit each customer’s exact requirements. All of Target Refrigeration’s employees use Joblogic, and the software has since become a crucial part of their daily operations.

Joblogic has freed up so much time that was previously spent on admin. F gas tracking has been an absolute godsend and will make it so easy when it comes to our Refcom audit. We're also able to see where engineers are on the live tracking function, and since most of our work is reactive it's so helpful to have this feature.

Target Refrigeration
Shane Sangster
Managing Director
Target Refrigeration Ltd

Why did they choose Joblogic? 

Target Refrigeration has been with Joblogic since February 2021, and the team has been extremely happy so far with the results in the short time they’ve been using the software. Before this, Target Refrigeration had been using other management software, but Managing Director, Shane Sangster, explained that they decided to look for a system with greater functionality and detail to suit their needs.

Shane explained that the demo he had gave him a great idea of how the software can be used specifically for his business, and it allowed him to make an informed decision rather than taking a ‘leap of faith’. Target Refrigeration is legally required to track their use of refrigerant gas, which is a time-consuming administrative burden for both office staff and engineers. Joblogic’s F-gas tracking module had the biggest influence on Shane and his colleagues when choosing Joblogic. Shane had originally looked at many other management software packages, but felt Joblogic was the only one which offered F-gas compliance and job management in the same system. 

What has been the biggest positive change?

Shane hails the reduction in administration as the biggest benefit since implementing the software. This has saved a significant amount of time each day as not only is any admin paperless, but it can be sent between colleagues at the click of a button. Shane explained that this was especially important for a small business like Target Refrigeration, and it allows him and his team to concentrate on growth, while spending less time in the office.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Joblogic's bespoke Mobile Forms enable Target Refrigeration’s field engineers to be compliant with all of the health and safety requirements prior to completing a task onsite. The mobile app allows forms to be custom-made using the mobile form builder, giving management the freedom to create mobile forms that are adjusted to their specific industry requirements.

Joblogic's Account Integration has eliminated the need for accounting information to be input manually, ensuring that there are no potential miscalculations. With access to current job costing information, Target Refrigeration have eliminated the double entry of data as well as potential mistakes.

Target Refrigeration has also saved time with purchase ordering by giving engineers the ability to select parts that are needed on-site from a full parts library on their mobile device. This alerts the back office that parts are required and they can instantly raise the purchase order.

Joblogic’s Asset Management has helped Target Refrigeration significantly in their recording and reporting. Details of each asset are now easily recorded by engineers on-site which are sent immediately to the back office and added to a fully comprehensive asset register. This ensures easy access of asset information and histories, as well as reducing the time-consuming administrative burden in the process.

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