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Air Control & Development Ltd. | Happy Customers | Joblogic®


Air Control & Development

Commercial & Domestic 10 Users 6 Employees

Air Control & Development Ltd. is located in Walsall and has established itself as an HVAC and refrigeration specialist. Founded in 1994, the West Midlands-based company has gained valuable expertise in the design, installation, service and maintenance of air conditioning systems. Air Control & Development work with a wide range of businesses including the retail, commercial, industrial and leisure sectors as well as domestic clients.

Air Control & Development offers its services to the whole of the UK, with 60% of its workforce having access to the software. Since implementation, Joblogic has become a crucial part of Air Control & Development’s daily operations.

Joblogic has been a huge time-saver for us by allowing us to schedule and allocate jobs straight out to our engineers in the field. This has helped us to significantly reduce running costs on a daily basis.

Air Control & Development
Joanne Dutton
Company Secretary
Air Control & Development Ltd

Why did they choose Joblogic?

Air Control & Development has now been using Joblogic for over a year. Unimpressed with their previous software provider, Company Secretary, Joanne Dutton explained how the system lacked a functional mobile app. This was a big issue as it greatly reduced the efficiency of their engineers who couldn’t report on jobs while out in the field.

Once Joanne and her team discovered Joblogic, they were given an introduction to the system via a free demonstration which provided them with a rundown of the system’s functionalities. One of the standout features for Joanne and her colleagues was the Mobile Engineer App. This allowed engineers to receive new jobs on the go, eliminating the need for them to return to the office.

Another useful feature of the mobile app is its ability to collect job information in real-time. Air Control & Development’s engineers can enter notes, parts, timesheets and expenses, as well as capture photos and signatures. All of this data can be sent back to the office instantly and shared with customers.

What has been the biggest positive change?

Joanne and her team have been pleased with the cost-saving capabilities of Joblogic’s HVAC software. Joanne outlined the inclusion of the mobile system as the biggest change to the business since using Joblogic and she has seen major a boost in productivity. It has allowed the company’s engineers to complete more jobs in a day by removing the constant need to return to the office to collect new jobs. Now with a completely digital system for sending and receiving documents, the chance of human error is significantly reduced as no physical paperwork needs to be completed and filed.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Joblogic's mobile engineer app has given Air Control & Development live, two-way communication between the back office and engineers. Jobs can be deployed to engineers who can update job information instantly in the field. This helps to ensure all paperwork is correctly completed and legible.

Joblogic's bespoke Mobile Forms enable Air Control & Development’s field engineers to be compliant with all of the health and safety requirements prior to completing a task onsite. The mobile app allows forms to be custom made using the mobile form builder, giving management the freedom to create mobile forms that are adjusted to their specific industry requirements.

The Mobile Engineer Tracking functionality enhances the visibility of Air Control & Development’s field staff by tracking their mobile device to ensure managers know where they are at all times. This also provides a means of observing the engineers' productivity so they can be managed more effectively.

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