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Dakro Environmental Ltd. | Happy Customers | Joblogic®

Water Hygiene & Treatment

Dakro Environmental

Commercial & Residential 28 Users 40 Employees

Specialising in all aspects of Legionella control and air hygiene, Dakro Environmental Limited is renowned as a well-established name in the Water Treatment industry. The West Midlands-based business works with a variety of large international corporations, schools, hospitals, hotels and facilities management companies. Founded in 1998, Dakro has a predominantly commercial client base, although they also undertake boiler servicing works for private customers. Dakro provides a bespoke range of chemicals, equipment and services to guarantee operational safety, efficiency and hygiene in all of the services they provide.

Currently, 28 of Dakro’s 40 staff are using Joblogic’s water treatment service software, a figure they are looking to increase in the near future. With over half of the workforce in possession of a user license, the software is quickly becoming a crucial part of Dakro’s day to day operations.

One of the best things you offer is the instant feedback and help. There’s nothing worse than implementing a new system or trying to embrace it and getting stuck and becoming frustrated. If you were taking on a brand new system with no one to help you, you’d say ‘let’s just bin this and go back to the old way’. Instead, because of instant help, the small problems can be resolved quickly and you can move on so you keep the trust in the process and in the software. It’s really important to destroy those niggles one by one as soon as they occur so you can build more trust in the system.

Dakro Environmental
Trevor Field
Marketing Director
Dakro Environmental Ltd.

DakroWhy Did They Choose Joblogic?

Dakro have been using Joblogic’s software since December 2018, having used a bespoke system from a local provider prior to this. Marketing Director, Trevor Field discussed how impressed he was with the system as it has allowed his workforce to be using the software simultaneously, with the ability to view information all in real-time.

‘The system did a lot of things that we wanted it to do which would usually require two or three different packages.’

Trevor is still discovering the many features Joblogic provides and is relishing the future as his understanding of the system grows. Having recently started using Joblogic’s full functionality, Trevor and his team are quickly becoming accustomed to the new processes and he is very confident that he can gain maximum benefit from the software.

What Has Been the Biggest Positive Change?

Trevor believes through full implementation of the software he will save both time and money in the future. He noted that it has helped increase overall efficiency through the visibility of information across several platforms that can be accessed in real-time by all users.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Joblogic’s Asset Management has aided Dakro significantly in their day-to-day management. Details of each asset can be easily recorded by engineers on-site which are then sent to the back-office and added to a fully comprehensive asset register. This allows management to keep track of their valuable equipment, as well as reducing the time-consuming administrative burden in the process.

Job Costing and Tracking has now been simplified by facilitating full data transparency between managers, engineers and customers alike. With real-time access to job information from creation to completion, all parties remain well informed of the progressive status of each task.

The Planned Maintenance functionality of Joblogic’s property maintenance software has been crucial in Dakro’s operations by quickly identifying and allocating the correct engineer to each outstanding task using the platform’s drag and drop scheduler. This has ensured that no task is ever missed.

Dakro have also saved time with Purchase Ordering by giving engineers the ability to select parts that are needed on-site from a full parts library on their mobile device. This alerts the back office that parts are required and they can turn this into an order instantly.

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