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Purchase Order Software

Creating and tracking digital purchase orders for materials and labour in the building maintenance sector.

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Building maintenance contractors usually have to order parts or materials for all types of work. This creates a great deal of complexity in terms of administration, logistics and customer service. For reactive maintenance, it’s vital to ensure that parts are ordered and delivered as quickly as possible to resolve a customer’s problem and with the help of cloud-based purchase order management software you can ensure you get the parts you need quickly and efficiently.

For planned maintenance, materials must be sourced on time so that the job can stick to an agreed schedule. Joblogic’s purchase order software streamlines the ordering of both materials and labour so that the suppliers can be integrated into the service operation.


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Easily Handle Reactive Maintenance Jobs with Purchase Order Software

Ordering materials for reactive jobs is usually prompted by an initial visit to the site. A typical example is when an engineer gets called out to a problem and then identifies that parts are required to resolve the issue. Using the Joblogic Mobile App the engineer can access the purchase order management software on-site and select the parts that are needed from a parts library on their mobile device. This will alert the back office that parts are required and they can turn this into a digital purchase order instantly, which using your branded template can be emailed to the supplier. Once the order is marked as 'delivered', the costs for the materials are added to the job. Using 'selling rates' Joblogic will mark up the cost of the materials by the agreed percentage to create the invoice value for materials. Jobs that have undelivered purchase orders are marked as 'awaiting parts' so it's easy to see which jobs are still open and to chase suppliers for deliveries. When the order is delivered the job status changes to 'parts to fit' so the scheduler will know to arrange a visit to complete the job.

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Use Purchase Order Software to Manage Planned Maintenance

For larger jobs, it's typical that the required materials will have been identified before the job is scheduled for the engineers. When quoting for work in Joblogic, your back office can add the materials to the quote from a parts library. The parts library contains the preferred supplier and price of the part. When a quotation is upgraded to a live job it's really easy to raise digital purchase orders to a supplier/s and email them straight out. These can also be created for subcontracted labour. All purchase orders are tracked by status in your online purchase order system making it easy to chase suppliers for delivery dates, price updates and invoices.

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Match Your Invoices to Purchase Orders

Joblogic both raises and tracks your purchase orders. Following this, our invoicing software can be used to complete the process. When you receive your supplier invoice you can find the corresponding purchase order and 'match them'. Once they’ve been matched you can lock the PO against the invoice allowing you to keep control of your spending with suppliers and makes sure that you never get overcharged for materials or labour. If required, you can revise a purchase order to match a supplier invoice or create an adjustment for minor discrepancies. Supplier invoices can then be exported to your accounts software to update your purchase ledger. This allows you to check purchases, get detailed analysis on overspending with suppliers and avoid re-keying data into your accounts system.

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Monitor and Manage Subcontractor POs with Purchase Order Software

At Joblogic we know that you’ll need to bring in a subcontractor to handle some work. To make this easier for you our sub-contractor management system allows you to manage and monitor your subcontractor POs as a distinct PO type. This means you’ll be able to separate out your stock and inventory POs from subcontractor POs for easier management, monitoring and payment. Subcontractor POs can also be shared via, email, download and printing.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Purchase Order Software

Purchase order software (sometimes called purchase order management software) is a specialist type of business software designed to help businesses and organisations streamline their purchase order generation whilst also providing ways to track individual purchase orders as well as monitor the overall inventory of items that you have available to use on jobs.

All forms of purchase order management software will provide you with the key benefits of improved business processes and more efficient management of your purchase orders. Still, only web based purchase order software gives you the flexibility to access the system from anywhere your team has an internet connection, via mobile phone or tablet.

On top of the flexibility of access, cloud-based purchase order software has lower upfront costs and is less capital intensive as it doesn’t require purchasing of any hardware to run the sfowtare.

When planning your regular maintenance tasks utilising purchase order management software can be massively helpful. By connecting your purchase order system to your job schedule you can see what pieces of inventory are needed for which job, and you can make sure that you’ve raised purchase orders for any parts you need well in advance of the job needing to be completed.

In addition to helping with inventory management, you’ll be able to keep track of the ordering process and see how many of the purchased items have been delivered, and what site they’ve been sent to, as well as get updates from the supplies relating to shipping and delivery in real time. This helps you save time when it comes to tracking down where shipments are.