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Midlands Catering Equipment | Happy Customers | Joblogic®

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Midland’s Catering Equipment

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Based in Northampton, Midland’s Catering Equipment are a catering equipment business that provides a range of services including installations, repairs, refrigeration and gas safety inspections. They predominately look after the education sector but also look after the hospitality sector with clients including Silverstone.

Over the last two and a half years, since using Joblogic software, we’ve seen a massive benefit to us and our clients due to the easy use of the system. We see Joblogic as a partner to our future success.

Midlands Catering Equipment
Mark Curry
Managing Director
Midland’s Catering Equipment

Why did Midland’s Catering Equipment choose Joblogic


Prior to making the switch to Joblogic, two and a half years ago, Midland’s Catering Equipment was using a competitor of Joblogic. Somewhat disillusioned with their existing field service management solution, Midland’s Catering Equipment was looking for a system that provides a better asset management feature, as well as better usability and functionality.

It was a vital requirement for their Managing Director, Mark Curry, that the field service management software they chose would be easy to use, not only for their engineers and back-office staff but also for their clients who would be logging into their customer portal.

The customer portal and free mobile app also provided reasons to upgrade from their existing field service management system to Joblogic.

What are the key benefits you’ve seen since using Joblogic?


The Joblogic customer portal has increased customer satisfaction as it allows Midland’s Catering Equipment’s customers to view live data on how the business is performing.

Mark’s customers are also able to sign off on quotes, check their invoices and log jobs from their dedicated Joblogic customer portal. This saves them time and effort while the additional visibility gives peace of mind that everything is running smoothly.

Their customers enjoy seeing up-to-date information on how their assets are being managed. Through the asset management feature within the Joblogic system, the Midland’s Catering Equipment team create lifecycle reports for their customers’ assets, enabling them to schedule future repairs and replacements more efficiently.

Having an intuitive and user-friendly system, combined with excellent 24/7 support and a catalogue of support resources has given Midland’s Catering Equipment everything they need to use Joblogic to unlock their full potential.

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