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With boiler service reminder software, you can spend less time on admin and job scheduling, whilst giving your field engineers access to the job information they need so they can increase first time fix rates and get jobs completed quicker.

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For plumbing and heating contractors the ability to record and access accurate information regarding when a boiler was serviced is vital. Without accurate information your processes scheduling jobs and sending reminders to customers is time-consuming and inefficient. Even with accurate information, unless it’s stored in boiler service software, you’ll be wasting time working in multiple systems when you could be saving time by using one piece of software to handle every part of your daily operations.


Auto-Renew Service Dates with Boiler Service Software – Section Image

Auto-Renew Service Dates with Boiler Service Software

With Joblogic boiler service software, every property you work on can have an annual boiler service date set up to allow you to keep track of when services are due. This will allow you to alert customers that they need a boiler service booked, and you can then book a time with customer to complete the work.

Scheduling boiler services is easy as you can use the job scheduling module of our boiler servicing software to book, manage and track jobs at every stage of the job's lifecycle.

You can also configure our software to act as a boiler service remidner software that automatically scheduled the next service for you. You can even schedule reminders to be send to customer months in advance so that there’s plenty of time to complete the service and remain compliant.

*Please note: This feature is only available within the desktop version of Joblogic's software.

Boiler Service Software for Mobile Devices – Section Image

Boiler Service Software for Mobile Devices

Access to accurate information whilst on site can help engineers spend less time completing jobs, which is why we provide a boiler service app that allows engineers to access all the information they need about the customer or asset via a mobile device.

Whilst on site the engineer can view and edit information about the job and boiler. They can even add new appliances to the system to make sure other engineers have up to date information. They can even complete landlord gas safety certificates or gas warning notices from their phone or tablet as required. Gas certificates are also automatically attached to the job via our gas certificate app that comes as standard with our boiler service and reminder software.

No Access Records & GPS Tracking – Boiler Service Software – Section Image

No Access Records & GPS Tracking

To make it easier to maintain boiler safety compliance and to help resolve disputes about attendance, our boiler service software provides you with the tools to track whether your engineers have been able to access a property for the scheduled service.

By recording “No Access” against a job you can also trigger reminder letters or emails to be sent to a client or tenant and with our GPS tracking you can prove that an engineer visited a property.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Boiler Service Software

Boiler service software provides a range of benefits that will make the lives of your back-office team and your engineers a lot easier. From job management features that allow for easy allocation and distribution of jobs to the engineers most suited to a job, right the way to the ability to plan boiler services months in advance, allowing you to properly track and manage your boiler service jobs, whilst also being able to send messages and alerts to your customers reminding them that they have a boiler service appointment coming up.

There are significant advantages to having a boiler service app that your engineers can use on their mobile devices, but it needs to be connected to your core boiler service software though, otherwise you’ll end up with duplicated systems, information and missing data. If you are looking for a boiler service app then you need to ensure that your boiler service software is cloud based to avoid these issues.