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AES Maintenance

Commercial 12 Users 15 Employees

The Buckinghamshire-based company, AES Maintenance, was established in 2008 and has since become renowned as a leading name within the HVAC industry. Having developed a strong working relationship with service providers and clients, AES also partners with various facilities management companies, M&E contractors, local authorities and landlords.

With a dedicated team of HVAC engineers and technicians, AES offers nationwide coverage consisting of maintenance, callouts and remedial works. The company also offers a 24-hour, 365-day-a-year reactive call out service to its customers. Currently, over 80% of AES’ staff are using Joblogic’s HVAC software to enhance its daily operations. This is split between engineers and the back-office team.

Joblogic is so impressive because it ties everything together. We can easily turn a quote into a job, into a purchase order and then into an invoice. This can all be done by one member of my team.

AES Maintenance
Steve Cass
Service Manager
AES Maintenance

AES Maintenance engineerWhy did they choose Joblogic?

Service manager, Steve Cass, had recently joined AES after leaving his former company. Having used Joblogic previously, he was eager to demonstrate the capabilities of the software to AES. His new colleagues were impressed with Joblogic, so much so that his first task at AES was to oversee its immediate implementation throughout the business.

Steve was first introduced to Joblogic whilst looking for an alternative software solution for his previous employer. Steve cited a poor user experience and an almost non-existent support team as the main reasons for switching. These two factors were the key reasons Joblogic was chosen. With multiple employees using Joblogic, Steve explained how intuitive the software was and how he was impressed with the ease of following each stage of a job’s life all on the same platform.

Since joining AES, Steve has had the responsibility of supporting his colleagues as they learn the basics of Joblogic. He was very thankful for the chat function in the software, as his staff could immediately raise any queries directly with a member of the Joblogic customer support team.

What has been the biggest positive change?

Steve valued Joblogic’s time-saving capabilities as having the biggest impact on the business since the implementation. Thanks to Joblogic’s easy to use interface, one member of staff is able to access all information from the various stages of a job within a single record. This has drastically reduced the time taken to complete many admin tasks.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Joblogic's mobile engineer app has given AES live, two-way communication between members in the office and staff out in the field.

AES has also saved time with purchase ordering by giving engineers the ability to select parts that are needed on-site from a full parts library on their mobile device. This alerts the back office that parts are required and they can instantly raise the purchase order.

Joblogic’s quoting functionality ties in seamlessly with upgrading to a job, raising purchase orders and invoicing. This enables AES to streamline many of its processes and helps to consolidate information.

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