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Healthcare Matters | Customer Case Study (2020) | Joblogic®

Medical Equipment

Healthcare Matters

Commercial & Residential 40 Users 42 Employees

Healthcare Matters started using Joblogic’s job management and equipment maintenance software in December 2018 as they looked to increase their operational efficiency. Since then, they have seen impressive growth in their financial turnover, customer retention, and the speed at which their jobs are carried out and completed.

About Healthcare Matters

Wrexham-based business, Healthcare Matters, is a family-run organisation that provides high-quality products and maintenance services to the healthcare industry. Their professionalism and extensive product range has given them a deserved reputation as a reliable resource and trader to NHS trusts, healthcare professionals, nursing homes, hospitals and the general public.

Because Joblogic is continually improving and releasing modules that add more functionality to the system, it really supports us in the culture of continual improvement. It's transformed the business in terms of how slick it is and how things can happen a lot faster.

Healthcare Matters
Adam Spiby
Sales Director
Healthcare Matters

Key benefits of implementing Joblogic:

  • They’ve gone paperless: Before implementing Joblogic, Healthcare Matters used a large amount of paperwork when it came to viewing the work history of their clients. Now, they have moved away from paperwork and processes are much easier to follow.
  • An all-in-one maintenance management system: Joblogic’s all-in-one solution has given Healthcare Matters a single system where they can view task histories for specific clients. This particularly helps when a new member of staff has been employed and they can see what work has been previously carried out for each client.

Which features have been most beneficial?

From the time of quotes raised, Healthcare Matters can now follow it through all the way, from quote to an order to delivery to invoicing to getting paid. This has enhanced their ability to log, deploy and schedule jobs quickly and has allowed them to become far more productive.

Joblogic’s easy-to-use invoicing module enables a clear electronic paper trail, allowing Healthcare Matters to send invoices immediately and get paid faster. They are also able to produce custom-made, branded invoices to send to customers in order to give it a professional look.

The software has been great for their customers because they can receive a job number straight away and can track that job right through by logging onto the customer portal. This lets them see when an engineer is on their way to the site.

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