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When managing your field service business, Joblogic's field service management software can save you both time and money. By connecting your mobile workforce and back-office team through our cloud-based software and our field service app, we can help you securely store and manage all relevant job information and customer service data. Book a demo today and discover cloud-based software built for your field service business.

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What is Field Service Management Software?

Field service management software (FSM Software) is a connected system that provides staff with the correct information instantly and at the click of a button. It allows businesses to manage their field-based services more efficiently by automating work orders and associated costs and increasing the visibility of ongoing work. As the UK's best field service management software provider, Joblogic makes it easy for managers to allocate field tasks to workers and monitor their performance. Your workforce can, in turn, use it to find information about each task, report on their work, and optimise the time and resources allocated for each job.

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Use Field Service Management Software to Ramp up Workforce Efficiency

Joblogic provides a wide range of benefits to your business operations, including:

  • Greater productivity: Enjoy total control over your field-based operations, with the ability to assign and prioritise work orders to your mobile workforce in minutes, thanks to our cloud-based job scheduling. With increased staff visibility and ongoing work, you will also be able to react to unforeseen challenges arising at the last minute.
  • Better asset visibility: You will always be ahead of your competitors by accessing and sharing asset data. Our field service engineer software helps you detect any issues, trends, and potential actions required to maintain assets more efficiently.
  • An empowered workforce: Connect your entire workforce in real-time and enable your office staff to provide mobile workers with all the information they need while working in the field. Engineers, in turn, will become more confident in their service delivery thanks to improved support and communication facilitated by our field service management app.
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Prioritise Customer Experience with field service management software

It is not only your workforce that will benefit from our engineer management software. Your customer service levels will also see marked improvements. The most significant benefit is the ability to improve customer experience. Field service software can enhance interactions between a business and its customers by allowing them to communicate in real time. This can be done via online customer portal software, allowing customers to check work progress updates at leisure. They can review SLAs (Service Level Agreements), quotes, invoices, and other relevant information and request new purchase orders. The portal eliminates the need for constant phone calls and lets your workforce focus on the task.

Key Features of Field Service Management Software

Joblogic provides businesses with a dynamic scheduling solution. Managers can allocate resources more efficiently and achieve goals based on time, location, availability, and service levels using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Never miss another deadline by engaging staff at the right time, every time.

Organisations should always aim to have complete visibility of their critical assets. In doing so, they will be more proactive in dealing with issues as they occur. Joblogic can simplify field service management by giving your team access to essential asset details such as location, working status and usage levels. This helps you to react to new problems before they can develop.

Joblogic lets you capture and analyse data at every point of field service delivery. With fantastic visuals and custom dashboards, you will have a 360-degree view of your company's performance levels. You can zero in on client profitability, engineer productivity and many more KPI (Key Performance Indicator) metrics. This allows you to drive field service management with more informed decisions.

Joblogic allows field service teams and the back-office team to communicate seamlessly. Our world-class field service app makes data capture simple and allows real-time information to be shared between team members. This ensures that field services are always delivered effectively.

Joblogic's software helps your business manage all outstanding jobs effectively, regardless of whether they are planned or responsive. You will be able to understand the specific job tasks, skills required, previous service histories, and the related costs and materials. This helps you to deliver your services with both clarity and confidence.

Our software makes quoting for jobs so simple. With Joblogic, your engineers can raise new quotes via our field service app and send them to the back office for pricing and approval. You can fully customise your quote templates to include specific services, tasks, and other attachments (such as notes, photos, and videos). You can also add your branding to make your business stand out.

With built-in invoicing and accounts package integrations, managing your business finances is easier than ever. As soon as jobs are completed on-site, your field engineers can raise a new invoice, which can be immediately sent to a customer once approved by the office. Invoice templates can be custom-built and detail all billable services. You can even create automated invoices for recurring jobs.

Service management software provides a holistic view of your inventory, making it easy to spot any gaps or parts shortages. If a part you need is not in stock, your team can directly access the supplier's catalogue and order new parts immediately. Your mobile workforce can also raise purchase requests with the office as and when they require parts to complete a job.

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See what our customers said about our field service software

Field service management software affords us a great deal of confidence in all areas of our operation from the effective planning of our PPM activities to the management of our reactive business.

Andrew Saffin
Service & Maintenance Divisional Manager at Gratte Brothers Group Ltd

Joblogic has saved us time and increased customer satisfaction by providing us with live updates. It provides up-to-the-minute cost analysis on all jobs and services, ensuring we invoice our customer correctly.

Graham Allman-Talbot
Operations Manager at Trojan Property Maintenance
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Frequently Asked Questions About Field Service Software

Service management software is an all-in-one software solution for businesses that connects your field staff with the back office, providing full visibility and enabling seamless job scheduling, tracking, quoting, invoicing and much more. As a field service solution, it provides a range of features that will improve your business operations and processes.

When choosing a field service software solution for your field service business, it's important to consider the following questions:

  1. Can I access my data from anywhere?
  2. Can I increase my team's job completion and first-time-fix rates?
  3. Will my mobile workforce be able to access information on demand?
  4. Can I improve business profitability?
  5. Will my customer retention rate increase?

If your field service solutions don't deliver on these objectives then it’s not good enough. Luckily for you, Joblogic can help you achieve all of the above, with a scalable solution that works for enterprise organisations and small businesses.

FSM software provides a range of different features that are useful for organisations of varying sizes. The most common features though are the ability to assign and schedule jobs to your field teams and service engineers. More advanced forms of FSM software will provide you with features that allow you to automatically generate invoices, and purchase orders and provide your office-based staff with live-tracking information for every job that’s scheduled, including information about the locations of every single member of your field service team.

Yes. We pride ourselves on producing field service management software that works for enterprise businesses. Our field service solutions allow you to manage and track field workers consistently, regardless of how many of them are deployed, making it ideal for enterprise businesses with large numbers of engineers or technicians out in the field.