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Trojan Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Trojan Property Maintenance

Commercial & Residential 20 Users 20 Employees

Trojan is a premier building services provider that specialises in providing reactive repairs, building and planned maintenance for a variety of customers. These include insurance companies, care homes, homeowners, and property management agents throughout the southeast. Operating within both the commercial and residential sector, the 17-year old, Surrey-based organisation, has become renowned for delivering expertise across a range of maintenance-based services.

With a unique business plan tailored to both large and small businesses, they have gathered extensive knowledge and experience that caters to all building facilities and office environments, with 24/7 callout available to all customers. Now 20 employees strong, they operate with 13 engineers in the field and 7 dedicated office staff.

Joblogic has saved us time and increased our customer service and satisfaction by providing us with real-time updates. It provides up to the minute cost analysis on all jobs and ensures we invoice our customer correctly.

Graham Talbot
Graham Allman-Talbot
Operations Manager
Trojan Property Maintenance

Why Did They Choose Joblogic?

Trojan have been using Joblogic’s property maintenance software since January 2019. Despite originally using another management platform, Operations Manager Graham Allam-Talbot, was keen to find a better solution, noting that his previous providers had not given him sufficient real-time job information, making it difficult to keep up to date with ongoing operations.

When introduced to Joblogic via a free demonstration, however, he was very impressed with its simple and logical functionality. He could log and oversee all customers, sites, jobs and invoices in one central location, making it far easier to follow the path of jobs from start to finish. He also stated that Joblogic’s ability to deliver real-time updates without dependence on phone signal meant that engineers in the field could communicate more effectively with Trojan’s back-office, saving valuable time and any margin for error.

What Has Been the Biggest Positive Change?

Joblogic has played a key role in saving Trojan Property Maintenance both time and money, but above all, Operations Manager Graham noted that the major beneficiary factor has been the ability to both receive and send up to the minute job information to important customers.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Joblogic's dynamic reporting dashboards have played a major role. By having access to a huge custom-built reporting suite to analyse all major KPIs, including job profitability, engineer productivity, and highest value customers, management has been able to make far more insightful business decisions.

The planned maintenance functionality of Joblogic's property maintenance software has been crucial in Trojan's operations by quickly identifying and allocating the correct engineer to each outstanding task using the platform’s drag and drop scheduler. This has ensured that no task is ever missed.

Trojan Property Maintenance has also saved time with purchase orders by giving engineers the ability to select parts that are needed on-site from a full parts library on their mobile device. This alerts the back office that parts are required and they can turn this into an order instantly.

Joblogic's account integration capabilities have minimised the time spent calculating invoice values thanks to readily available job and costing information. It has also removed the possibility of data miscalculations and duplication.

The mobile engineer app has created a robust two-way connection, meaning that jobs can be deployed, reported on and evaluated remotely, all at the touch of a button.

Joblogic has simplified also Trojan's job costing and tracking by facilitating full data transparency between managers, engineers and customers alike. With real-time access to job information from creation to completion, all parties remain well informed of the progressive status of each task.

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