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Farmwood M&E Services Ltd. | Happy Customer | Joblogic®

Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance

Farmwood M&E

Commercial 28 Users 33 Employees

Farmwood M&E Services Ltd. is a leading building services provider specialising in mechanical and electrical maintenance, ventilation and air quality. They provide services to a variety of commercial, domestic and industrial customers including major building companies, housing associations and councils throughout the UK and Ireland. The Kent-based company, formed in 2002, has since developed expertise across a number of maintenance-based services.

Achieving the BESA Contractor of the Year Award in 2018, Farmwood is a business going from strength to strength. With resources to cater to both large and small businesses, Farmwood has the experience needed to work with all manner of building and office facilities. Farmwood currently employs 33 members of staff, 28 of which now use Joblogic’s electrician software to streamline their operations.

We moved into using job management software to improve the accuracy of our reporting and invoicing. Once we were familiar with these processes, we needed something that operated more dynamically and could provide us with the tools to present our data to our customers in a way that appeals to them. With each update, we are learning more about our own processes and look forward to being able to utilise Joblogic as an all-in-one solution.

Steven Melia Chamberlain
Steven Melia-Chamberlain
Business & Finance Manager
Farmwood M&E Services Ltd.

Why Did They Choose Joblogic?

Farmwood has been using Joblogic’s software since April 2019. After finding only limited improvements using a competitor’s management solution, Business & Finance Manager Steven Melia-Chamberlain was eager to find a platform that better suited the company’s needs.

Since discovering Joblogic, Steven has found a system with a more visually appealing user interface, along with an improved reporting system. This has enabled a more dynamic control of workflows and a safe means of storing valuable company information.

What Has Been the Biggest Positive Change?

Joblogic’s electrician software has played a key role in saving Farmwood both time and money. Above all, Steven noted that the major benefit has been the increased use of e-forms. Joblogic’s mobile forms allow companies, like Farmwood, to automate compliance processes and reduce the necessary amount of paperwork. Health and safety forms can be completed by engineers on-site, allowing more time to be spent with customers. Steven also noted that paper can be saved when completing supplementary reports, such as checklists.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Our Mobile Forms feature has enabled Farmwood’s field staff to be fully compliant with the necessary health and safety requirements before carrying out on-site tasks. With the addition of Joblogic’s custom form builder, their forms can now be designed to comply with not only the specific industry, but the requirements for each new job.

Joblogic's Dynamic Reporting Dashboard have played a major role for Farmwood. Gaining access to an extensive custom built reporting platform has allowed their users to visualise their data and make informed business decisions. They can analyse their important KPIs, such as engineer productivity, job profitability and highest value customers.

Joblogic's Account Integration has eliminated the need for accounting information to be input manually, ensuring that there are no potential miscalculations. With access to current job and costing information, the system can quickly calculate Farmwood’s invoice value, saving hours of data entry per week.

The Planned Maintenance functionality has enabled Farmwood to promptly identify and allocate the correct engineer to every outstanding task using the system's drag and drop scheduler. This ensures Farmwood never miss a task.

The mobile engineer app has created a robust two-way connection, meaning that jobs can be deployed, reported on and evaluated remotely, all at the touch of a button.

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