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Commercial 14 Users 64 Employees

Based in Wales, Wall-Lag Ltd. is a plumbing and heating business specialising in boiler installations, loft insulation and air source heating. Wall-Lag was founded back in 1973 and are industry veterans, evolving operations into renewable technologies over recent years.

Currently, 14 out of Wall-Lag’s 64 employees are using Joblogic’s plumbing and heating software. This is a figure the business plans to increase in the near future.

Joblogic has saved us both time and resources by allowing us to schedule jobs and allocate them straight out to our field engineers. They don’t have to return to the office and they can accept jobs through their phone on the mobile app.

Andy Gomm
Business Development Manager
Wall-Lag Ltd.

Why did they choose Joblogic?

Wall-Lag has been using Joblogic for a year, having previously used spreadsheets to manage its workload. Business Development Manager Andy Gomm was eager to streamline operations and find a software solution that could increase his team’s job management capabilities. Previous to looking at Joblogic, Andy was concerned that he would not be able to incorporate all of his requirements into a single software solution. He was relieved with the versatility of Joblogic, which he felt provided everything Wall-Lag needed in terms of job management.

Once Andy had a demonstration of the software and realised how the system could help him and his team, he was keen to get started straight away. With many tasks now automated, this has saved considerable time each day for both back-office and engineering staff and has provided an increase in the number of jobs completed.

What has been the biggest positive change?

Andy has been impressed with the cost-saving capabilities of Joblogic’s plumbing software – it has helped him save on plenty of resources by allocating jobs directly to his engineers. Andy identified the reduction in paperwork as being one of the biggest benefits of the system. His back-office team and engineers can rely on the mobile app to store all important documents. Efficiency is increased as paperwork is no longer being lost or incorrectly completed.

Which features have been most beneficial?

The software allows multiple people to log and view jobs at the same time. Andy and his team can see the status of each job in real-time as it progresses from creation to completion. Joblogic keeps both customers and management informed on job progress and an invoice can be sent instantly on completion.

Joblogic's mobile engineer app has given Wall-Lag live, two-way communication between the back office and engineers. Jobs can be deployed to engineers who can update job information instantly in the field. This helps to ensure all paperwork is correctly completed and legible.

Dynamic dashboards have played a major role in the rapid growth of Wall-Lag. Andy and his team have access to an extensive custom-built reporting platform which has allowed their users to visualise company data and make informed business decisions. All important KPI’s can be analysed in real-time, including engineer productivity, job profitability and highest value customers.

The planned maintenance functionality of Joblogic’s software has been crucial in Wall-Lag’s operations. The most suitable engineer can be easily and quickly identified and allocated to a task by using the drag and drop scheduler. A task is never missed and the progress is updated in the PPM schedule.

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