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Job Management Software and Job Management App – Cloud Based System

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Job management software is a powerful tool for any business, and it provides a central hub for your office staff and mobile workforce. This allows you to manage all of your jobs and contracts right from the initial quote, all the way through to final invoicing. Why not try the UK’s best job management software for free today and see how your field service business can grow?

Why Choose Joblogic for Your Job Management Software?

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All-in-One Job Management Software

Joblogic lets you add, manage and organise jobs in a centralised location. By having total control over your jobs, staff and customer correspondence, you'll run a far more cost-effective operation. Our job management software gives your leaders the ability to optimise sales, planning, job completion rates, assets, invoicing and much more.

  • Log jobs and create new work orders instantly.
  • Schedule and assign new jobs to your workforce at the click of a button.
  • Track and report on a job status in real-time.
  • Keep digital records of all client contact information, contract service dates, asset histories and more.
  • Attach notes, photos, forms, certificates and other important job information to a work order on the go.
  • Boost company cash flow by invoicing your customers in record time.
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Connect your Workforce with our Mobile Job Management App

An easy-to-use job management app acts as a mobile workforce management software that lets engineers and contractors go above and beyond when working in the field. By syncing your mobile workforce and office team's devices in real-time, you'll streamline your work assignments and never miss a deadline. With their mobile app, engineers can:

  • Receive new work orders and job information instantly.
  • Complete job sheets on the go. Attach notes, photos and customer signatures for approval.
  • Access a full list of industry-standard forms, certificates and risk assessments.
  • Raise new quotes and invoices in the field and take customer payments on the spot.
  • Work offline and complete jobs without a data connection.
  • Allow office staff to monitor their live locations via GPS and track their associated job costs and expenses.
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Other Features of Our Job Management Software That You’ll Love

  • Route optimisation: Send the right engineer to the right place by planning and optimising their travel routes.
  • Built-in CRM: Improve your first-time-fix rates by managing your historical calls, emails, tasks, notes and customer data in one place.
  • Build custom forms and documents: Your quotes, invoices, forms and certificates can be fully customised and stored electronically in Joblogic. This allows you to cater to niche requirements and win more contracts with customers.
  • Exceptional support and onboarding: Our support team gives you all the help you need to get started with the software immediately. You'll also have access to live chat and telephone support, an online knowledge base and further training opportunities.
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The Benefits of Choosing Joblogic for Your Job Management Software

  • Improved efficiency: Real-time information from the app allows your team to be in sync wherever they are. Field service engineers can go fully paperless, freeing up time to complete more jobs and invoices.
  • Guaranteed compliance: Joblogic keeps your data secure and makes it easily accessible for future auditing purposes. Our library of mobile forms and certificates will also ensure that engineers follow the correct safety procedures.
  • Better customer service delivery: It’s easy to keep customers up to date with job progress, costs and projected completion dates. Our customer portal software lets them see all information attached to the job in real time.
  • Centralised data: Joblogic provides an entirely cloud-based field service CRM and stores your data in one central location. This lets staff access information at any time, anywhere.
  • Saves money and boosts profits: By going paperless and reducing the admin burden, you can allocate budgets to the more profitable areas of your business.

The Best Feature of Our Job Management Software

Job management software lets you prioritise, track and assign jobs instantly. Set start and finish dates for jobs and easily adjust dates and deadlines using the drag-and-drop scheduler. It’s easy to reassign urgent tasks to personnel who best located to respond.

With Joblogic, you can view job progress at a glance. You’ll be able to track and record every detail on every job from a single source. Locate jobs and attached information in seconds. Monitor field engineer locations in real-time and do away with separate vehicle tracking tools.

You can easily allocate tasks to field engineers by sending electronic documents to their mobile device. This can include a task checklist, estimated job completion times and due dates. In doing so, you can align work expectations across the team.

Joblogic lets you create, send and manage quotes wherever you are. Field service engineers can use the mobile app to create an initial quote on-site which is sent to the office for pricing and approval. You can also create custom quote templates to impress new and existing customers.

With an in-built invoicing system and accounts package integrations, you can easily manage your finances. The job management app lets field engineers raise new invoices as soon as a job is complete. Customers can be invoiced before staff leave the site.

Build and customise your own reports and dashboards to get instant insights on business performance. View KPI metrics at a glance and highlight key areas for improvement. Track staff productivity levels and zero in on your most profitable customers.

Monitor and maintain all your customer assets in one place. Use Joblogic’s handy QR code scanner to gain instant access to asset information. Job management software also lets you raise new purchase orders if your engineer requires parts to fix a piece of equipment on-site.

The feature allows you to reduce admin by automatically creating a new job on a recurring basis. You can include the start and due dates, job template, job description and assigned staff member. Creating recurring jobs is ideal if you’re repeatedly working with the same customer.

What Our Job Management Software Customers Say

The biggest improvement has been the time saved daily. Visibility of my staff thanks to live GPS and job tracking has helped me know where staff are at all times, as well as knowing which jobs are completed and outstanding. This has saved my field engineers an extra hour per day, which has increased the number of daily jobs they can complete using the mobile app.

Neil Sandy
Operational Maintenance Manager at E.ON

We moved into using job management software to improve the accuracy of our reporting and invoicing. Once we were familiar with these processes, we needed something that operated more dynamically and could provide us with the tools to present our data to our customers in a way that appeals to them. This is why we chose Joblogic.

Steven Melia-Chamberlain
Business & Finance Manager at Farmwood M&E Services Ltd.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Job management software is a digital system that provides you with complete transparency about the jobs that your field service team are undertaking. By allowing you to have complete access to all your information in the office, whilst your team have access to job details and systems via mobile apps in the field, you’re able to get complete control over your business processes and operations.

Efficient job management is implementing a system that ensures the execution and visibility of all actions within a project or job. To be effective in this approach, the continuous development of your strategies and operations is required and can be facilitated by measuring your output.

When choosing a software solution for your business, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will I be able to boost efficiency by minimising paperwork and manual data entry?
  • Will it let me control and support the work of my engineers in the field?
  • Will I be able to review and approve the completed work easily?
  • Can I access information from anywhere?
  • Can my team access information on the go with their mobile devices?
  • Can I increase my business profitability?

If you can answer "yes" to all of these questions then you're on the right track. Joblogic can provide scalable solutions to any business challenge. You can also visit our field service management software page for more information.

Yes. Joblogic offers a variety of training options conducted by our experts to train you and your team on how to tailor the software to your business. You'll also have access to our online Support Portal which can be accessed at any time to upskill yourself and team members. Our 24/7 live chat and phone support are always there if you require immediate assistance.

Mobile workforce management solutions are just one part of a wider job management system. Whilst a complete job management solution will allow you to handle every aspect of administration that’s needed in the lifetime of a job, software that focuses on mobile workforce management will only provide you tools to manage your workforce whilst they are out in the field.