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Koolmax Group

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Koolmax Group uses Joblogic to increase engineers’ daily jobs by 30%

HVAC specialists, the Koolmax Group, has increased its maintenance engineers’ daily job count from an average of three, to up to four or five completed jobs per day, through improved scheduling and job tracking using Joblogic’s field management software.

With over 20 years of experience, Bolton-based Koolmax Group has become a key name within the HVAC industry supplying its refrigeration products to over 3,000 stores across the UK. Offering both preventive and reactive maintenance services, an efficient engineer schedule is crucial for emergency callouts to prevent loss of stock due to faulty equipment.

Before using Joblogic it was hard to keep all of our call-out information in one place. Now it’s easy for the back-office team to log call outs and assign engineers to each job. Our engineers now receive all the information they need and can also report on the job using their mobile phone or tablet making it easier and quicker for them as well.

Koolmax Group
Muhammed Yasir Ikram
Customer Service Supervisor
Koolmax Group Ltd.

Admin time greatly reduced

Servicing over 3,000 stores not only creates a large number of jobs for the company’s engineers but for the back-office team as well. Customer Service Supervisor, Muhammad Yasir Ikram, explained that sending an invoice to a customer after completing a job would take approximately four days. This can now be sent with one click of a button.

The field service software has also increased real-time communication across the business to further improve efficiency. Engineers can now receive full job details on their mobile / Tablets, eliminating the need for them to return to the office. This has been one of the key reasons for the increase in an engineer’s daily jobs.

Keeping subcontractors in the know

Koolmax has Seven engineers who all use the software. In order to service every customer site, the company also works with subcontractors to carry out any jobs their engineers can’t get to. Although the subcontractors can’t access Joblogic, the system’s share feature allows them to see the details of a job via email which they can receive remotely.

Keeping track of warranty information

Koolmax’s products come with a warranty for their customers, which can be difficult to track with such a high volume of sites. Yasir explained that Joblogic keeps him and his team updated on each piece of equipment and whether or not they were still within the warranty period. Each item is listed against the relevant job site, so Yasir knows at the click of a button whether a job falls within the equipment’s warranty period or if the customer needs charging for the callout.

Which features have been most beneficial?

The planned maintenance functionality of Joblogic’s software has been crucial in Koolmax's operations. The most suitable engineer can be easily and quickly identified and allocated to a task by using the drag and drop scheduler. A task is never missed and the progress is updated in the PPM schedule.

The software allows multiple people to log and view jobs at the same time. Yasir and his team can see the status of each job in real-time as it progresses from creation to completion. Joblogic keeps both customers and management informed on job progress and an invoice can be sent instantly upon completion.

Joblogic's mobile engineer app has given Koolmax live, two-way communication between the back office and engineers. Jobs can be deployed to engineers who can update job information instantly in the field. This helps to ensure all paperwork is correctly completed and legible.

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