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Joblogic’s field service report software provides a full visual representation of your company’s key performance indicators.

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Managers can often struggle to drive business decisions using the data provided to them, particularly if the data is not centralised. Thanks to our dynamic field service report software dashboards, businesses can utilise a single cloud-based system to monitor performance and boost efficiency. Joblogic’s field service management software provides dashboard reports that can be used to empower your management team by offering the best platform to drive more informed business decisions.


Custom dashboards with your bespoke KPIs

Customisable Reports with Dynamic Dashboards

Dynamic dashboard reporting allows managers to analyse their overall business performance far more effectively. Joblogic's customisable dashboard designer is fully interactive and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your business. With trained experts on hand to assist, you can build a bespoke dashboard that reports exclusively on your chosen data and metrics. This can play a crucial role in pinpointing all potential areas of profitability and enhanced productivity. Joblogic's dashboards and reports are built entirely by an in-house team with no third-party intervention. This ensures that your bespoke dashboard and report requirements are met and are built to an exceptional standard.

View metrics and stats on Joblogic mobile and tablet

Enhance Your Decision Making

In addition to customisable functionality, Joblogic provides managers with a wealth of reporting options. From job profitability reports and quote projections to highest value customers and engineer productivity, we can deliver a huge suite of management reports for you to use that can be exported by email or sent directly to your FTP server. It's critical for a growing business to understand the strengths and weaknesses that lie within their company. This can only be achieved by critically analysing operational and financial data. Joblogic’s field service report dashboards facilitate this process by tracking everything from an enquiry through to invoicing, so it's easy to review the performance information that matters most to your business.

Dashboard view of stats for customers

Reliable Reports for Your Customers

Service maintenance companies typically cater to a varied customer base, each of which may require a separate reporting method. Joblogic offers a great range of dashboard reporting functions for more effective communication with clients. Whether your customers favour PDFs via email, detailed spreadsheet analysis or real-time access to an online customer portal, we can provide all the necessary tools, including a REFCOM audit dashboard, that you need. You can utilise a range of pre-built templates from within our suite of reporting dashboards, or you can easily have one custom-built from scratch. From this, you can deliver informative customer reports that are both automated and received in real-time which, in turn, can become a valuable time saver.

Improved data visualisation through Joblogic dashboards

Improve Data Visualisation

Joblogic empowers managers to visualise their data far more effectively and allows them to make more informed business decisions. To this end, we are able to represent your important data in the most suitable visual format for your business. Whether you favour pie charts, bar graphs, heat maps or league tables, we can build it for you. Our field service reports software is available for both internal performance monitoring and as part of the customer portal. Internal dashboards are crucial business reporting tools for the back office as they can keep your management team well informed of status updates at a glance. Whether you are keen to review monthly contract performance or overall profit margins, all is readily available in your preferred visual format.

Cloud-based data view

Centralise Your Data with Cloud-Based Dashboards

By using Microsoft Azure, a cloud-based management platform, Jobogic is able to centralise all of your business data. This not only allows managers to maintain 24/7 access to their field service report dashboards, regardless of device or location, but it also ensures that their data is kept secure. To add to this, our software also has fully patched systems, meaning that you need never worry about staying up-to-date with the latest security enhancements. User permissions are also enabled to guarantee that your important reports and dashboards are editable only by those who have clearance to do so. In short, we give you the peace of mind needed to help you focus on what really matters to your business.

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Field Service Report FAQs

A dashboard report can be used to track, monitor and evaluate the health of an organisation or individual department by reporting on a business’ important KPIs, metrics and analytics. By homing in on metrics that are core to the business, managers can use Joblogic to trigger better data-driven insights. Many organisations now also opt to display reporting dashboards on televisions and wall projectors. By nurturing a daily habit for data monitoring, your business can yield great results.

By having dashboard reporting based on live data, managers can receive up-to-the-minute insights on company performance. This greatly improves data visibility as it removes the need for companies to wait until the end of the month for reports. Because Joblogic is a cloud-based system, all entries into our software are automatically updated across all devices.