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Mobile Forms Software

Mobile Forms Software

Joblogic’s mobile forms software enable businesses to simplify industry compliance by streamlining data collection between the mobile app and back-office.

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Compliance within the building service and maintenance industry creates mountains of paperwork for contractors. Whether it’s risk assessment data, safety certificates or signed job sheets, the burden on the contractor to demonstrate proof of work and procedural compliance is huge. Joblogic’s mobile forms software can easily automate this process and eliminate all unnecessary paperwork. With our unique mobile form builder and extensive pre-built forms library, managers can not only boast better industry compliance and data collection but also enhanced levels of efficiency.


Customise your mobile forms within Joblogic

Customise Your Mobile Forms

Joblogic's mobile forms software includes a customisable form builder that allows managers to create form that simplify business processes. This is truly one of Joblogic's standout features as it means businesses are no longer limited to choosing from a library of pre-existing industry forms and certificates. Whether you require a form that caters to a niche workflow or business process, we have the tools capable of delivering a product that's tailored to you. Once built, your workforce can start collecting data in the field using our mobile forms app and return it to the back-office immediately for you to review. Completed forms can also be edited by a competent person in the back office once received from an engineer. This has become particularly useful for businesses within the electrical maintenance industry.

Digital library of industry-standard mobile forms

Extensive Library of Industry-Standard Mobile Forms

Joblogic electronic forms software is used daily by thousands of service maintenance contractors who cover a whole host of trades. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the business, we've become experts in delivering a full suite of industry-standard mobile forms for each individual sector. These can include:

  • A full set of Gas Safe and OFTEC Certificates
  • Water Hygiene Workflows and Electrical Certificates
  • BAFE forms for the Fire Safety Industry
  • Installation and service checklists for Automatic Doors
  • FGAS and air conditioning service sheets for HVAC companies

Whatever your trade, our mobile forms app has got you covered.

Capture signatures on-site for health and safety compliance

Guaranteed Health & Safety Compliance

In addition to consulting with our customers on developing industry-standard mobile forms, we've also collaborated with them to build essential health and safety workflows for use on our app. These include a full list of job-specific risk assessments that are now mandatory for the engineer to complete as soon as they arrive on site. Risk assessment forms must be filled in before the engineer can continue the job. It would be impossible to enforce this in a paper-based system, however, with Joblogic you can guarantee that every single job has a completed risk assessment attached to it. We've also built vehicle checklists that can be forced for completion at configured intervals. This could be completed daily, weekly or monthly. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured knowing that your engineer will need to perform a vehicle checklist before travelling to a site. All mobile forms completed on the Joblogic app are automatically attached to the job so that the back office can check them, and if required, email them to clients. If customers opt to use the customer portal, then the whole process is automated in real-time.

Digital forms logbook within Joblogic

Store and Manage Your Mobile Forms More Easily

Joblogic's forms logbook is essential in providing an effective means of data collection and storage for all mobile forms used by a business. By centralising all forms and certificates in one location, managers can easily refine their searches by customer, site or form type. In addition, compliance histories can be kept against sites and customers, ensuring that records are kept accurately and up to date. The contents of the form's logbook can also be displayed in the customer portal to keep clients informed on which mobile forms and certificates have been completed prior to a job onsite, and your engineers can access the information through scanning the QR code.

Joblogic mobile app

A Mobile Forms App That Works Anytime, Anywhere

Joblogic’s mobile forms software can be utilised in literally any location or situation, all that’s needed is a mobile device. If engineers are working in rural or remote locations without an internet connection, their ability to complete a form is unaffected. Because of this offline functionality, data can be collected in real-time, regardless of the jobsite’s location. As mentioned, fleet management can also be enhanced. The mobile forms app allows drivers to document their paperwork digitally and send it to the back office. This information, which can include completed risk assessments, GPS and time-stamped data in the field, can be sent back to the office instantly. By receiving this information in real-time, managers can gain an understanding of the status of the job, vehicle, and driver. Having access to this data sooner also allows dispatchers to keep customers well informed of the progress at every stage of a journey, from departure to arrival.

View Example Forms

See below a few examples of the bank outputs of our forms.

Gas Service Maintenance Checklist

Alarm Installation Certificate

To see the whole range of forms we currently hold in Joblogic, book a free demo with one of our experts.

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Mobile Forms Software FAQs

Mobile forms software is a specialist software that allows you create electronic and digital forms that can be accessed and used on mobile devices. With data collections form like these it’s possible to automate several of your back-office processes to boost productivity and increase efficiency. Whether it’s collecting data from an asset after scanning it’s QR code, or the general checklists needed to fulfil work orders and complete jobs, with mobile forms automation software your business operations will noticeably improve.

Mobile forms provide one of the best sources of data collection for service maintenance businesses and can include multiple platform support for iOS and Android devices. Whether or not your engineers are working online, they can collect and manage secure data with powerful forms on their smartphone app or tablet. This information can be instantly shared with the back office for managerial review.

No matter the purpose of your customised form - whether it be job, survey or risk assessments, a mobile form builder makes the process of creation easy and simple. Building reusable form templates containing field types such as check boxes, drop down fields, radio buttons and calculations as standard means that you can respond quickly to the demands of your customers and, at the same time, streamline your business processes.

Joblogic covers every situation from a simple paperless form through to advanced business logic and form field configuration – this makes the form filling and submission process quick but robust.