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Parts Arena Integration

Parts Arena Integration

Combining the power of Joblogic Mobile with PartsArena Pro ®.

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PartsArena® is designed to help heating contractors to improve their first time fix rate. It assists heating engineers with diagnosing boiler faults and ordering the right parts first time. It’s fully integrated with Joblogic Mobile so that engineers only have to use a single app. PartsArena® and PartsArena Pro® are registered trademarks of Infomill Ltd.


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What Are The Benefits?

PartsArena Pro® gives your engineers access to thousands of boiler manuals via the Joblogic Mobile Technician App. They can use exploded diagrams to help them identify the correct parts to fix faults and get your customer's heating and hot water working as quickly as possible. Any parts that the engineer needs will be sent back to Joblogic ready for purchasing. The end result is a better first time fix rate, happy engineers and happy customers.

Add part to library with Joblogic and Parts Arena

How Does It Integrate?

We've done all of the technical work for you. Simply go to the PartsArena® website and contact their sales team to place your order for PartsArena Pro®. Your engineers will be able to access PartsArena Pro® directly through their Joblogic Mobile App. This means that they only need one app for everything they do. To activate PartsArena® on your engineers' devices, please contact our Customer Support Team to turn this feature on.

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