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Service companies typically have to process lots of low value work orders as individual jobs generally do not generate a lot of profit, so many businesses rely on processing volume alone. Some companies use spreadsheets or their own booking systems to manage these types of jobs, however they can become messy and hard to organise over time. Jobs get missed, data is entered two or three times into different systems and precious time is wasted.

In today’s competitive market, it is essential for small and growing businesses to implement the right job management system to help provide the best level of customer service to all of their new and current contracts.

Key Features of Job Management Software

Job Management Software is a powerful tool for any business as it provides a central hub for your office staff and mobile workforce. This allows you to manage all of your jobs and contracts right from the initial quote, all the way through to final invoicing. Managing your workload is easier than ever!

What are the top features of Job Management Software that will put you ahead of your competitors?


  • Log jobs and begin work instantly
  • Manage your jobs in one central location
  • Dispatch & schedule visits to your mobile workforce
  • Track and report on the current status of your jobs


  • Electronic records of all client contact information complete with Google Places Integration
  • Keep track of contract service dates
  • Access to attachments and notes


  • Manage workforce credentials including working hours, rates of pay and registration numbers
  • Store engineer certifications (Corgi Certified documentation)


  • Real-time job accessibility from mobile devices which allows your engineers to complete their jobs on the go.
  • Access to a comprehensive library of electronic versions of most industry standard certifications, including Gas Safety Records, CP12s, Risk Assessments and many more.
  • GPS Tracking to locate your workforce and manage locations from the back office.
  • Capture signatures, photos, parts used and timesheet data.


  • Total control of your accounts – monitor your costs in one system
  • Instant access to records of quotes, invoices and credits
  • Eliminate the need for paperwork


  • Follow your accounts and monitor your ingoing and outgoing costs without the need of an external system.
  • Monitor your jobs and track the progress of each individual visit


  • Customers’ ability to access their quotes, jobs, invoices and more – these records will enable them to see what work is being done in real time.
  • Comprehensive access to industry standard forms.
  • Access to company dashboards to allow your clients to track the health of their sites, and monitor works completed.


  • As all of your data is stored electronically and is completely cloud based, regular back ups are taken to ensure total security of data, which removes the risk of lost information.
  • Your data will always remain your own and you will always have the ability to extract your data from the system should you require it.

Although Job Management Software is predominantly used by the service maintenance and building industry, it is not limited or exclusive to just these businesses. Here are some other industries that benefit from the use of such an app:

  • Housing associations and landlords
  • Gym maintenance teams
  • Catering equipment service and provision teams
  • The education sector
  • Retail management
  • And many more!

We at Joblogic know how important it is to stand out from the rest, and the key to total business success is competitive pricing, organisation and approachability. We have worked hard to create a system that allows you to manage your business through one comprehensive solution, and brings all of your customers, office staff and engineers together – all whilst improving efficiency.

What Can Job Management Software, Like Joblogic, Do for You?


It’s 2017 and gone are the days of tirelessly managing your paper based jobs, quotes and invoices. Joblogic keeps everything electronic and automatically organises your records.


Since all of your paperwork is managed by Joblogic, you can free up more time to allow you to complete more jobs and handle twice the amount of invoices.


With constant access to real-time job information, you will be able to keep your customers in the loop about their scheduled visits, as well as report back to them with important health insights to their contracts and assets.


Effortlessly share information with customers, contracts and engineers via the customer portal or bespoke reports.

Waste No More Money and Precious Time

  Use a single system from the point of quote or job creation all the way through to invoicing.

  Empower your staff with the ability to look in one central system for all job related data.

  Connect your field engineers using their mobile app.

  Let your customers see what’s happening in real time via the web portal.


Joblogic is more than software, it’s best practice for the building maintenance industry delivered in a single integrated system. To get more information on how Joblogic can bring a revolution to your business, take a look at all its features. Feel free to request a call back and speak to one of our consultants. They will help you review Joblogic’s features in the context of your business, so you can see its real benefits. Alternatively, sign up for a 30-day commitment-free trial and explore the system by yourself!

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