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TRS Cooling

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Oxfordshire based company, TRS Cooling Limited, were established in 2015, and have since become renowned as a prominent player within the HVAC & Refrigeration service industry. Boasting a fully qualified and approved team of engineers with over 60 years of combined experience in the industry, they specialise primarily in supply, installation, service maintenance, and repairs.

They have also recently undertaken projects from single split installations through to large VRV installations and have worked with a long list of major manufacturers. In addition, they are both F-GAS and REFCOM registered and are a Daikin D1 approved partner.

The Refcom module was a major deciding factor in our move to Joblogic. We are now far more organised and proactive with our PPMs, have confidence in our asset tracking and F-Gas compliance and tracking.

TRS Cooling
Tristan Spence
TRS Cooling

Why Did They Choose Joblogic?

Having previously used other field management software with limited success, TRS Cooling Director Tristan Spence, was keen to look further afield to enhance his business management capabilities. Upon discovering Joblogic’s HVAC Software, he found a more complete package in comparison to other software providers, with the exclusive F-Gas Tracking module being a key selling point.

Tristan cited that Joblogic’s commitment to continually develop and improve the software had also been a major factor. TRS Cooling has now been an active customer of Joblogic for more than 7 months.

What Have Been the Biggest Positive Changes?

Joblogic’s HVAC Software has helped to give TRS Cooling a far more asset driven approach. To add to this, their enhanced F-Gas tracking capabilities have meant that they can easily monitor, and adhere to, all industry compliance regulations.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Joblogic's asset tracking module has proved to be an essential element of TRS Cooling's day-to-day management. Details of each asset are easily recorded by engineers on-site which in turn can be relayed to back-office and added to a fully comprehensive asset register. This not only allows management to keep track of their valuable equipment but also eradicates a time-consuming administrative burden in the process.

Planned Maintenance schedules have also been greatly enhanced by Joblogic's HVAC Software. It has allowed for maintenance schedules to be created very easily with a user-friendly drag and drop planner, which has the added capability to drill right down to the equipment task level. This feature has enabled managers to keep on track with both planned and reactive maintenance services tasks.

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