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About Rowland Door Services Ltd

Rowland Door ServicesWith over 25 years of experience serving customers, Rowland Door Services specialise in supplying, installing, maintaining and repairing all types of loading bay equipment and industrial doors. They are a Quality Assured ISO 9001 contractor and SafeContractor accredited. Operating from their head office in Birmingham, UK, Rowland Door Services provides a 24/7 dedicated service.

Their goal is to ensure quality, durable and reliable service to their customers. They have worked with many Blue Chip customers including Jaguar-Land Rover and Tesco.

The key processes that have taken our business to the next level have been the introduction of the engineer mobile system and the client portal to our business processes.

Rowland Door Services
Micheal Palfrey
Installation and Service Director
Rowland Door Services Ltd

Why Joblogic?

Before Joblogic, Rowland Door Services used spreadsheets and in-house software to manage their business processes. Their year-on-year growth simply outgrew their existing systems. The bigger their customer base became, expectations to maintain high-quality services grew too. Moreover, their in-house systems were not up to the task of retaining the data they needed.

Joblogic, with its existing core system and forever evolving system, suited Rowland Door Services’ requirements. Furthermore, Joblogic’s business ethic suited theirs.

Rowland Door Services have seen significant changes to their business:

  • Their biggest change has been the switch from a solely paper-based business management system to a virtual system. Using Joblogic has reduced their paperwork usage by at least 80%.
  • The launch of Joblogic’s mobile engineer app and the customer portal has been the key features to transform their system. These tools have received a huge amount of praise from their customers.
  • Joblogic has and continues to save Rowland Door Services time and money.

Learn more about Joblogic’s automatic door installer software.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Joblogic’s Mobile App has been a huge part of Rowland Door’s business processes for the last 4 years. Live job status and the ability to develop bespoke mobile forms for engineers, have vastly reduced engineer reporting errors and fine-tuned data gathering.

The Customer Portal has given their customers the ability to see live statuses of their active jobs and help with the audit trail. Also, the tool has relieved their back-office in producing all the information, giving the power back to the customer to view their own reports.

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