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Job Sheet App

Providing this at the first attempt can be challenging, however, this is where Joblogic job sheet app can help.

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In the field maintenance industry, job sheets are required to provide all the relevant information to your staff regarding the job and its costs. Providing this at the first attempt can be challenging, however, this is where Joblogic can help. Joblogic has been designed to help you build, store and manage your own electronic job sheets from a single, cloud-based platform. 


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Why are Electronic Job Sheets Important?

As a business owner, you're always looking for ways to improve your processes to increase productivity. Joblogic can do just that. Our online job sheet software allows both you and your field workers to add information to electronic job sheets anytime, anywhere. Therefore, a sheet is updated every step of the way as the life cycle of a job progresses. Not only does this ensure greater accuracy, but it also reduces the need for annoying scribbled notes, post-its and to-do lists – all of which can be easily lost. Joblogic keeps your job sheets organised and securely stored in one place.

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Manage Jobs from Start to Finish

With Joblogic, you can generate online job sheets in a few simple clicks. This, combined with Joblogic's other job management capabilities, will allow you to manage your daily workload far more easily.

  • Create new jobs and assign them to field engineers in real-time.
  • Allow engineers to receive and update job details using Joblogic’s mobile app (available for iOS or Android).
  • Use GPS tracking to view live engineer locations.
  • Generate new job sheets automatically when logging a new job.
  • Add relevant checklists to your job sheets including compliance and service checks.
  • Give customers instant access to job sheets via email or the online customer portal.
  • Customise your job sheets with your own fields, branding and contact information.
  • Create invoices automatically with Joblogic invoicing software to speed up your cash flow.
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Equip Your Engineers with the Best Job Sheets App

Joblogic's mobile app gives your engineers the freedom to receive, capture and share job information on the go. They can use our job sheet generator to:

  • Find customer sites with GPS routing.
  • View customer details, contact information and job histories.
  • Review job details and tasks whilst on-site.
  • Update job statuses in real-time.
  • Record what work has been completed, including other notes and pictures.
  • Log parts usage and additional parts requests.
  • Capture customer signatures on the go.
  • Add travel and job completion times.
  • Fill out default and custom-built checklists.

You can also decide how public or private you want to make a job sheet form and control who has access.

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Save Time on Administration with a Job Sheet App

Electronic job sheets can help to ensure clarity with your clients when you reach the signing off process. The customer can easily access the completed job sheet online via the portal and view all the relevant details at a glance. This saves valuable time and lets you speed up the payment collection process. Field engineers also have the freedom to update job details on the go by using their Joblogic app on their smartphone or tablet while your office team can download all the job sheets with just the click of a button. The power of automation is another key feature of mobile job sheets. Whenever you log a job in Joblogic, a new sheet template will be created. This can include pre-populated fields to save time and remove double data entry.

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Build Your Own Templates with Job Sheet Software

Joblogic allows users to create unique templates that suit their business needs. Custom templates can be created for new jobs, invoices, credits, quotes, purchase orders and PPM invoices. This is done digitally, allowing your business to approach jobs in a fresh, coherent manner while storing data safely in the cloud. A professional-looking job sheet should also include your company logo, as well as contact information. This is easily done using any word document application

You can download some of our free job sheet templates to get you started.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Job Sheet Software

A job sheet is a document that contains a record of what’s done on a job. It displays information about the job including notes, assets, visit costs and signature.

Our online job sheet software will give your engineers all the templates they need to collect the most important and relevant data from a job. We have summarised the highly recommended fields that should be included on any job sheet below:

    • Company Details/Site Details (1): Information about the company that the job is related to. This includes the address, telephone, email, VAT number, company number and the full address of the site.
    • Call Slip/Job Description (2): Here is where the job number, type, category and order number is inserted. Extra information such as telephone number, contact name, job logging and completion dates can go here too.
    • Parts Used/Required: Here, you can add any part names and the quantity of those that have been used and required for a job.
    • Visits Details (3): This section is dedicated to the visits themselves. It typically contains information such as a time-sheet entry (labour and travel element of the visit) along with the outcome of that particular visit.
    • Notes (4): The engineer's record of actions completed on the visit.
    • Asset Details (5): Any assets go here. Normally the number, description, where it is located and additional notes are required here.
    • Job Tasks: Here you can add any tasks or sub-tasks to go alongside with the status and summary.

Take a look at the completed job sheet PDF.

Yes! The Joblogic mobile app allows your engineers to receive, capture and share job information anywhere, anytime. Our app works fully offline, meaning that field staff can record information from remote locations and send it to the back-office as soon as they have a signal. Our app is available on both Android and iOS.