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Facilities Management Software

Equip your team with the best facilities management software available in the AU to help you better manage your resources and align services with your company priorities. 

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Joblogic’s facility management software allows you to manage your assets and equipment, streamline work order processes and reduce space and maintenance costs. Joblogic offers an automated system for managing the planned and preventive maintenance of a company’s facilities and assets. 

Reliable Resource Scheduling with  Facilities Management Software /  FM Software – Section Image

Reliable Resource Scheduling with Facilities Management Software

Joblogic’s facilities management software lets you allocate work to your field engineers and external contractors with a powerfudrag-and-drop schedulerThe job scheduler allows you to batch deploy jobs and move jobs from one engineer to another as needed, as well as highlight tasks that can be marked mandatory. Facility managers can use our facility management software to monitor live status updates with mobile technician tracking appThis is essential when allocating both reactive and preventative maintenance tasks to field staff. By keeping these tasks in check, by making sure that engineers log and update jobs from their mobile devices, managers can optimise their workload and, in turn, maintain the best possible service levelsOur facilities management software also allows you to access the back-office section of the platform via mobile app, ensuring that you can access back-office features whenever you need it, and it can generate invoices for work that needs completing. 

Integrate Your Schedule with Our  Customer Portal – FM software &  facilities management software

Integrate Your Schedule with Our Customer Portal

Add value to your service by providing real-time web access to your customers through Joblogic. Not only will this improve your business reliability in the eyes of the client but it can also prove to be a crucial time-saver by removing the administrative burden on the contractor. Facilities management software allows customers to view job updates as well as all PPM contracts and schedules. They can download invoices, view site asset registers, approve quotations and also review their F-gas compliance registers. 

Improve Your Asset Management  with Facilities Management  Software & FM Software- Section  Image

Improve Your Asset Management with Facilities Management Software

Our facilities management software (aka CAFM software) incorporates a full asset register for each workspace and building within your estate. With the use of tags, you can track, search and keep a record of your assets, allowing you to easily keep track of all asset warranty dates, asset history and upcoming service schedules. This ensures that future site visits can be planned effectively. Joblogic also allows a business to quickly identify any compliance issues that could affect work visits and allows the ability to print and export asset details.

Use Facility Management Software  to Adopt a Planned Preventive  Maintenance Strategy – Section  Image

Use Facility Management Software to Adopt a Planned Preventive Maintenance Strategy

Preventive maintenance is one of the core components of facilities management software. It can be used to extend asset life spans and reduce the costs incurred with maintaining assets. Businesses can easily manage and report on their PPM performance and can also provide customers with a full contract overview in the client portal. PPM contracts can be managed, exported and suspended easily. You can also set the type of billing (advance, arrears, or no billing) that customers must adhere to. To allow you to meet best practice standards you can import PPM templates against specific sites and asset types, whilst marking tasks as mandatory so that you can meet best practice standards. To this end, with the application of our cloud-based software, a business can maximise its resources and minimise operational downtime.

The Best Facilities Management Software

Schedule your workforce in a busy facility maintenance environment.

  • Drag & drop scheduler
  • Visual status updates
  • Live GPS tracking

Give customers real-time notifications and alerts through a client portal.

  • View dashboards & reports
  • Real time status updates
  • View quotes & invoices

Survey, record and maintain equipment at multiple customer sites and facilities.

  • Asset surveys
  • Site asset register
  • Maintenance planning
  • QR code tagging

Plan complex facility maintenance schedules for each site to asset level.

  • Asset registers
  • Create PPM schedules
  • Task driven maintenance
  • Bill & renew contracts

Track the status and progress of new jobs through to completion.

  • Quick job logging
  • Job searches & editing
  • Reporting

Offline App for iOS and Android connecting your back office and mobile workforce in real time.

  • Deploy jobs to engineers
  • Use Joblogic mobile in the field
  • Industry Compliant

Automate job costing with Joblogic. Create profit and loss reports for every job.

  • Automated job costing
  • Powerful reporting

Bespoke workflows and forms for mobile including certificates, job sheets and risk assessments.

  • Industry standard forms
  • Health & safety compliance
  • Bespoke forms

Speed up invoicing to improve your company cash flow.

  • Job by job invoicing
  • Batch invoicing
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Frequent billing

Stay in control of your FM business via powerful reporting and data visualisation.

  • Management reporting
  • Customer reporting
  • Data visualisation

Integrate FM software with your accounts system to avoid double entry of data.

  • Sage
  • Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • KashFlow
  • FreeAgent
Dave Rawlings

Dave Rawlings

Managing Director, Oakland Air Control Ltd

Joblogic has made it easier for us to save time within the office; it has helped us to use our current resource more effectively and to begin work on more profitable tasks.


Peter Taylor

Service & Maintenance Manager, Hockley Building Services Ltd.

Since I have implemented Joblogic into our business, there has been a big improvement in productivity. Highlighting jobs in advance to identify high costs to jobs before they are completed and asset management plays a big part in our business.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Facility Management Software

Facilities management software (also referred to as facilities maintenance software or FM Software) is a program designed to allow facility managers to do a better job of maintaining facilities through the use of a single dashboard. This includes repairs, workspace use, occupancy and much more. Through proper and effective use facilities management software can be used to save both time and money for your business.

There are a lot of different benefits to using facilities management solutions like Joblogic. At the core of all the benefits though is that it just makes the job of managing facilities easier. Whether it’s through helping to track jobs throughout the facility ( or even across multiple sites), getting live updates of what your team is up to and where they are through using our app that works across a range of different mobile devices, or just keeping up to date with your inventory management. Hence, you know when to order more stock, facilities management software can help ensure that your work order management is as efficient as it needs to be.  

There are 5 important KPIs which all facility managers should consider: 

  • Service-level agreement adherence 
  • Average time completion of work 
  • Total work orders 
  • Number of reactive work orders by asset 
  • Time allocation for reactive and preventive maintenance 

With more than 20 years of experience developing facility maintenance systems, Joblogic has designed a platform to cope with monitoring these KPIs easily which will help you improve the efficiency of your facilities team.  

One of the key saving potentials for businesses using Joblogic is in cost transparency. We offer a seamless connection between our software and a range of financial suites, meaning it's almost certain that a company can cut the amount of manual data input per job, saving time and more importantly ensuring data consistency. 

Joblogic allows companies to analyse their business ahead of new tenders and contracts by studying trends in previous reactive and preventive maintenance jobs. This, in turn, makes it easier to make more competitive bids when tendering, without causing issues to current contracts. Having all job data on demand such as how SLA targets have been met and planned maintenance that has been done also helps to improve a company's position when renewing existing contracts. 

Facilities maintenance management systems and CAFM(Computer Aided Facilities Management)  software are often terms that are used interchangeably. Whilst there may be some minor differences between software types, both forms of software enable property owners and facility managers to track and manage the day-to-day operations of their facilities. Whether it’s planning and scheduling work, tracking asset repairs or keeping on top of stock and inventory facilities management software can help improve efficiency. 

If you’re looking to purchase a CAFM, facilities management or facilities maintenance system then you need to take into consideration several factors:

  1. Does the software provide an easy way to schedule and track jobs that need doing? 
  2. Does it have a mobile app that your facilities team can use to update jobs on the go? 
  3. Does it allow you to properly track your stocks and stores of parts needed for maintenance and repairs? 

If it handles these functions, then you’ve got a good basis for your facility management system. You will need to pay attention to other factors like price, as well as having a team of dedicated experts to help you get the most out of your software.  

Joblogics FM software is used by businesses and organisations across a variety of different sectors. This includes: 

  • Churches 
  • Sports Facilities 
  • Animal Research Facilities 
  • Educational Facilities 
  • Healthcare Facilities 
  • Small Businesses 
  • Gyms 
  • Hospitals 
  • Hotels 
  • Retail Companies 
  • Universities 

If you’re interested in seeing how Joblogic’s facilities maintenance  management system can help you improve your facility management then book a demo and we’ll get you set up with a free trial!