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CMMS software ( a.k.a. Computerised maintenance management systems) gives you the right tools to manage and improve your maintenance operations in the field. CMMS Software allows you to control all aspects of reactive and planned preventive maintenance and manage your field-based teams, inventory, workflows, compliance and other customer service requirements.

A detailed database lies at the heart of our CMMS system. This stored data provides records of all sites, assets, and maintenance histories and an entire library of industry compliance forms, certifications, and customer records. Joblogic is a crucial system for growing your service business by combining user-friendly tools and automated workflows to boost your daily efficiency.

Key Features of CMMS Software

Easily Manage Work orders and  PPM With CMMS Software-  Maintenance Management  Software Section Image

Easily Manage Work orders and PPM With CMMS Software

With Joblogic, you can create and assign work orders from anywhere, anytime, using our mobile app. Planned preventive maintenance is made easy as you can schedule work based on time parameters or condition-based maintenance triggers.

Mobile engineers can be alerted to new work orders in real time and receive related job information such as checklists, asset manuals and service histories straight to their phones. They can then capture and complete new details on the go, including site notes, asset condition surveys, and photos. After completion, job reports, invoices and other supporting information can be automatically shared with managers and customers.

Use CMMS Software to Simplify  Asset Management - Maintenance  Management Software Section  Image

Use CMMS Software to Simplify Asset Management

Our CMMS software allows you to collect, store and analyse equipment maintenance information in one place to boost your daily efficiency. You can build asset profiles in just a few clicks and include all necessary details and documentation, such as maintenance checklists, failure codes, safety requirements, etc. Additionally, you can build your custom dashboards on everything from asset downtime to inventory costs within minutes. This will allow you to have a 360-degree view of your maintenance operation. Joblogic enables you to deliver real-time updates to customers and contractors by connecting them to aonline customer portalFrom here, you can share accurate and up-to-the-minute maintenance data and compliance issues with all relevant parties.

Let CMMS Software Automate  Your Tasks to Maximise Resources  - Maintenance Management  Software Section Image

Let CMMS Software Automate Your Tasks to Maximise Resources

Our software exceeds expectations by maximising time and resources where needed. A job logged into the system can instantly be deployed to a field worker. Engineers' travel routes aroptimised automatically, and workloads can be immediately re-ordered or re-assigned to prioritise urgent maintenance tasks. In addition, with the online portal and customer notifications, your clients can be kept up to speed with automated alerts and job updates. You can also send automatic appointment reminders to them via an SMS alert or email.

Cloud Based CMMS Software  Makes Mobile Workforce  Management Easy -  Maintenance Management  Software Section Image

Cloud Based CMMS Software Makes Mobile Workforce Management Easy

Joblogic's mobile app is equipped to work on and offline from any location, allowing engineers to accept new jobs on the go and capture asset-specific information even when working at a remote site. When they have regained a signal, the collected data can automatically be sent to the back office, saving time and paperwork. With mandated safety checks and dynamic risk assessment forms also provided, Joblogic CMMS ensures compliance with industry legislation and minimises potential hazards. Our mobile app lets managers view their engineers' whereabouts in real-time with integrated GPS mappingThis is especially useful when deciding which engineer is best placed for an urgent reactive callout.

Real-Time Reporting and Data  Visualisation Through CMMS  Software - Maintenance  Management Software Section  Image

Real-Time Reporting and Data Visualisation Through CMMS Software

Joblogic offers maintenance departments the tools to deliver real-time audits and performance reports. You can store searchable records of every task to ensure an asset's maintenance history can be easily audited and verified. The system can help achieve ISO certification by providing digital proof of archived work orders and job sheetssupporting photo attachments, and setting exceptional compliance standards by adding renewal dates to certificates within the system. Key metrics and KPIs can be easily visualised and accessed in real time with Joblogic's custom dashboards. Managers can view comprehensive asset histories immediately and assess the SLAs and job profitability associated with customer sites and contracts. As a result, we can help to drive better decision-making from you by offering instant insights into actual operations, work deviations and potential risks.

5 Major Benefits of CMMS Software

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  • Increase your team’s efficiency
  • Control your costs
  • Centralise your information and reports
  • Improve the welfare of your team and comply with Health & Safety laws
  • Streamlined your processes and reduce downtime

See What Our CMMS Software Customers Said

Joblogic has allowed us to stem this workflow into a manageable global system allowing us to grow continually without ever becoming overwhelmed.

Paul Maloney
Assistant General & Service Manager at Turnkey Instruments Ltd

By investing in cost-saving CMMS software, we can provide our clients with high levels of service whilst retaining the ability to maximise our time both in the office and in the field.

Gerard McEvoy
Director at Pennylane Builders

Joblogic has made it easier for us to save time within the office; it has helped us to use our current resource more effectively and to begin work on more profitable tasks.

Dave Rawlings
Managing Director at Oakland Air Control Ltd
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CMMS Software FAQs

Maintenance jobs are an essential part of field service management. A computerised maintenance management system can streamline daily operations and effectively organise PPM schedules. Popular industries include:

  • Facilities Management: A CMMS can benefit businesses that manage multiple buildings simultaneously. Office blocks, apartment buildings and entertainment facilities are all in need of regular maintenance. CMMS software helps you deal with jobs relating to HVAC, fire safety, water treatment, and more.
  • Field Service Maintenance: Companies may often use multi-asset maintenance at several independent sites. CMMS software can organise your contractors and make maintenance resources accessible.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Businesses need a management system that streamlines their daily workflows when installing, maintaining or repairing specialist equipment. A CMMS provides user-friendly tools that connect customers, managers and field technicians in a single system.

CMMS systems can benefit your business by tracking asset data, inventory management to track spare parts, planning for predictive maintenance needs, or work order management. However, learning how to do it all effectively can take much work. This is why we provide training programs and offer customer support and implementation teams to assist you with getting the most out of your software.

CMMS software is a maintenance management system that allows you to manage, track, and report your maintenance activities. This includes managing asset lifecycles, predictive repairs and work order management, all to increase the performance of your maintenance teams by improving your business processes. By providing CMMS data to your teams, you can track work, gain insight into your machinery's effectiveness, and better manage the jobs that need to be done.

CAFM and CMMS software are unique pieces of software that provide different features. At the top level, CAFM Software focuses on facilities management, while CMMS software focuses on facility maintenance requests.

For more information about the differences between CAFM and CMMS systems, we recommend you look at our blog “What are the differences between CAFM and CMMS?”