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Workforce management software (often referred to as WFM software) is a type of software that allows you to manage your team scheduling, time management and reporting functions for the jobs your workforce undertakes into a central system. It can be used by service and maintenance businesses to monitor and optimise the performance of their employees as well as being used for attendance tracking and task management.

Our workforce management software includes all functions and management tools needed to maintain a productive workforce, incorporating field service management, performance management and reporting, data collection, shift scheduling, job scheduling, labour costs, labour forecasting and more. Joblogic is purpose-built to help your business drive positive outcomes. This can include better employee engagement, controlled labour costs, minimal compliance risks, and greater overall productivity.

Key Features of Workforce Management Software

Employee Management & Scheduling with Workforce Management Software – Section Image

Employee Management & Scheduling

Employers can use Joblogic to sort and view their employees based on location and skill to make smarter scheduling decisions. An internal messaging function enables team members and managers to communicate within the workforce management system. This allows employees to be notified on their mobile devices if and when there has been a change to their schedule. It also lets managers create automated work schedules for remote staff members - this can be done for proactively planned maintenance jobs or for delivering optimal daily route schedules for engineers who are travelling from site to site.

Time Tracking & Attendance Management Using Workforce Management Software – Section Image

Time Tracking & Attendance Management

WFM software can play a key role in tracking the time and productivity of your workforce. Joblogic's mobile app includes a built-in tracking feature to monitor the number of hours an employee has spent on labour and travel. Managers can then review timesheets in the workforce management system against each team member. This tracks the productive and non-productive time spent by each engineer daily and helps to highlight which team members are most profitable to the business. Pay rates and overtime pay can also be easily calculated for each engineer.

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Access Workforce Reporting & Analytics

Our workforce management software includes reporting and analytics tools for evaluating and optimising team performance. They can collect information on an employee's skills, time attendance and the number of jobs they complete daily. By gathering actionable workforce analytics about people within the workplace, managers can gain a good insight into their team's strengths and inefficiencies. Joblogic also provides businesses with dynamic reporting dashboards, which offer graphical presentations of current and historical KPIs, helping the user to make instant, informed decisions.

Benefits of Workforce Management Software

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  • Optimised scheduling and time management
  • Real-time visibility of your workforce
  • Centralised administration with 24/7 mobile access
  • Better business insights with accurate reporting
  • Full scalability and security with a cloud-based system
  • Above all... Increased workforce productivity

See What Our Customers Said

Joblogic has made it easier for us to save time within the office; it has helped us to use our workforce more effectively and to begin work on more profitable tasks.

Dave Rawlings
Managing Director at Oakland Air Control Ltd

Joblogic has allowed us to stem this workflow into a manageable global system allowing us to continually grow without ever becoming overwhelmed.

Paul Maloney
Assistant General & Service Manager at Turnkey Instruments Ltd

The key processes that have taken our business to the next level have been the introduction of the mobile system for our workforce and the client portal.

Michael Palfrey
Installation and Service Director at Rowland Door Services Ltd

Joblogic means we can allocate jobs quickly to our workforce, saving our team time, meaning we can get on with what we do best.

Anna Harrison
Accounts Assistant at Technicool Air Conditioning Ltd

The system affords us a great deal of confidence in all areas of our operations from the effective planning of our maintenance activities to the scheduling of our reactive business.

Andrew Saffin
Service & Maintenance Divisional Manager at Gratte Brothers Group Ltd

Joblogic provides up to the minute cost analysis on all jobs and ensures we invoice our customer correctly.

Graham Allman-Talbot
Operations Manager at Trojan Property Maintenance
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Workforce Management Software FAQs

WFM software is a workforce management solution that enables enterprise organisations and businesses to streamline business processes that are associated with the organisation deployment and monitoring of their workforce to ensure that productivity remains high and that all employees are efficient and safe.

If you’re a service and maintenance company looking for WFM Software, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your current system do the job it’s supposed to do?
  • Do you find it easy to schedule your staff?
  • Can you manage time effectively and review your workforce’s performance at a glance?

If the answer to any of those questions is ‘no’ then it might be time to reconsider how you deal with managing your business. Joblogic offers a wide array of features that gives you complete control of your workforce.

Joblogic offers a range of flexible pricing plans to give freedom of choice when choosing your WFM software. Starting from $50 per month, you can opt for either a monthly or annual plan based on your business needs. Discover our full list of pricing options.

Workforce management systems are an essential way fo businesses to improve their processes and improve the productivity and efficiency of their workforce. For field service businesses this is especially important as the workforce is split out over different locations and moving around to complete jobs.

With a proper workforce management system in place, field service businesses can manage their workforce from a single cloud-based piece of software that will provide real-time updates to team members via an app. This allows for easier tracking, scheduling and reporting on jobs, as well as a more centralised dashboard for management to be able to track performance and identify issues that could emerge on a job.

Any organisation can benefit, but the core users of the system are split into two camps:

  1. Office-based workers who are responsible for organising job scheduling
  2. Field service engineers and team members who are travelling to different locations to complete jobs.

For office-based employees, Joblogic provides a central dashboard for our cloud-based workforce management system which allows for easy logging, scheduling and tracking of jobs, whilst field service employees can benefit from using an app that connects to the cloud-based software and provides them with the relevant information they need to complete their work.